Anyone who has 90 lbs or more to lose.



  • SRQ_Chris
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    Looking at my old MFP log, about 4 yrs ago I had lost 75 lbs and was down to 217. Same weight I was in my 20s, I'm 57. 3 yrs ago my wife and daughter went in to stage 5 kidney failure. My wife has other medical issues that took my free time. I worked 20 yrs on locked crisis units and 10 yrs as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. So I was strong as an ox. My wife woukd fall. I would pick her up. No need for assistance. About a month ago, she fell and I couldn't pick her up. Had to call the non emergency number to get her up. That was the ladt straw.
    So about a month ago I made a conscious decision to lose 95 lbs. I started logging everything in MFP again. After a week I realized that I was eating about 4800 calories a day. So I cut the calories in half. Lost a half pound in 2 weeks. Last week I changed my goals in MFP to 20%carbs and 40% protein and fat. Lost a lbs.
    This week I added walking or riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Then will move it up to 4 times and then daily. Eventually I will be doing strength 1 day and cardio the other.
    I'm looking for accountability buddies.
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    I'm working on 80-100 pounds, and just started this week. I'd love to connect with someone on the same path so we can support each other, check in, and make it happen for us. I'm working on breaking bad habits, and adding new ones. All tips are welcome.
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    Hey there! I'm 39 and I have 100+ lbs to lose (I've been yo-yo-ing the same 40lbs for the past 6 months and I'm going BONKERS).
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    This username Kitty2Katz I'm no longer able to use according to mfp, even though they leave my thread and comments up. You can still leave comments on here; however, I won't receive any notifications from this thread.

    I'll try to check every so often and respond as soon as I can or you can add me as a friend under my new user name. zaralovesKatz.
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    @zaralovesKatz, Looking for friends who have around 100 lbs or more to lose!

    This is my new thread you can go there if you want me to get your notifications & for adding you as a friend, or use can add me by using my new username above.

    Thanks, Kitty
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    Well done!
    I am 57 and have lost 63lbs and have over a 100 left to lose- support is a massive bonus
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    Hi! Just starting to explore support groups. Aiming to loose 100+. I'm soon to be 42, have an English bulldog, and love to travel. Broke my leg at the beginning of the pandemic that has been complicated. After 5 surgeries, I finally see the end of physical therapy in sight by early November to start exercising again. Looking for a few accountability buds, although I'm not yet sure what that means!
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    Hi there I'm happy to be a mutual support and general cheerleader for anyone, I'm just starting out on a pretty big number and finally accepting I need to change I'm happy to be friends with anyone that likes a bit of a buddy.... I pledge to look at my newsfeed everyday and be a positive encouragist (if thats even a word)
    We got this:)
  • broadwey21
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    @zaralovesKatz, Looking for friends who have around 100 lbs or more to lose!

    This is my new thread you can go there if you want me to get your notifications & for adding you as a friend, or use can add me by using my new username above.

    Thanks, Kitty

    can't find you it says page not found when I click on you :)
  • Awesome job on the loss!!! I am just getting started, over 200 pounds to lose. I welcome anyone that wants to take the journey.
  • black_diamonds_8
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    Me! I've been off and on with this app but giving it another go. I'm looking to lose 150. I recently started a plan that is similar to keto. I'm on day two 😊
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    Hello. I'm from Canada and have a lot more than 90 to lose. Looking to make some friends
  • HowieBlewitt
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    Looking for some inspiration. I have at least 150 lbs to lose. Been hovering between 320 and 332 for too long now. Keep losing my footing on getting off this weight that is literally weighing me down physically, emotionally, & spiritually. I have no real plan right now. Just hoping this forum can get and keep me motivated. I've been using this app on and off since 2015 and have been over 305 lbs since that time.
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    We can motivate each other!
  • REEREE515
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    Everyday is a New Beginning, take a deep breath and START AGAIN!!
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    Hi - I have 104 days until my 50th birthday. I know it's not going to be much of a celebration due to covid, but I think the best present I can give myself is to lose the 100lbs that is not good for me. So here I am :-)
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    I’m new-ish. Never liked tracking before. Tried different apps, but something about premium spoke to me! I’ve lost 20 pounds on medical weight loss and got bored, so to speak. (I’ve done it before with more success) I started a few at home workouts and loved the way it made me feel. I went back to the gym last week. Feeling good and successful and tracking several days in a row; a real steak for me! I have appx 70 pounds to goal weight. Nearing 50 and with young children, not grandchildren like many my age, I want to be healthier. I want to stop self sabotaging. I’m still working from home and want to make the most of the next couple of months-without the stress of commuting and all that comes from a busy schedule.