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How often should you bathe/shower?



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    Psychgrrl wrote: »
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    I shower daily. I may shower twice depending on the situation. I remember basic training when we were lucky to get two minutes to shower a day. I felt disgusting the entire time. I can't go to sleep without showering. My Fiancee's son will go days without showering, and he stinks, but she acts like she doesn't care.

    Thank you for your service!

    Thank you.
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    If you are obese and sweat a lot like me, showering at least once each day is mandatory.
    I run just about every day and I'm a heavy sweater. So I'm going to keep showering every day.

    How much you sweat has to do with how many sweat glands you have.
    I’m not obese, but like Dante and Jane jelly roll, I sweat a lot, especially if I’ve done a workout, so I shower everyday.

    My 22 year old son insists that showering every day is harmful. He has eczema, so showering too often does cause that skin irritation to flare up. The downside — he doesn’t smell the greatest.

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    The $600 water bill dictates how many showers I and family get a day or for how many minutes they are. It sucks.

    A month?

    Where are you and how many people in the place for a $600 water bill?

    Two month bill, sorry I should’ve stated. It’s still a lot of money. There are only three of us in the house. Our new house came with a bunch of well established citrus trees. We are trying to keep the trees alive, but they ain’t looking too happy right now.

    San Diego. The price of water keeps going up.

    Water conservation is a real problem.

    I happened across that article posted in the OP a few days ago and thought, “Oh hell yeah”, I have an excuse for not taking regular showers. Lol

    Crap. Our bill in Central IL for 2 of us in the house (we rarely water the lawn but do water the landscaping a bit) is like $130 for 2 months and it includes the weekly garbage, recycling and bulk waste pickup service provided by the city.
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    Daily short shower but I've managed to get myself out of the habit of washing my hair daily as it was pointless and not good for my hair.

    The kids I wash when they are visibly dirty. :D That can be daily or weekly. When they're teenagers and start to sweat I'll send the stinkers daily. My youngest has terrible eczema and water is painful for it.
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    Slacker16 wrote: »
    How often should you bathe/shower?
    When the stank be rank.

    Lietchi wrote: »
    I was raised on 'one bath a week' and I'm only 37 (but not from the US). I've seen the shift to (nearly) daily showers in society, though not as 'bad' as in the US. (...)
    A big part of it is that bidets are just not a thing in the new world...

    Bidets aren't a thing everywhere in the old world either. Never had one or used one in my life!

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    Neither have I - in fact would go as far as to say I don't recall ever seeing one in real life.

    As I said early in thread there isnt a one size fits all as to how often you should shower - people are different and their lifestyles are different.

    Although I almost always shower every morning myself - I agree with posters who said this idea that everyone will stink if they don't shower every day is such a modern western culture myth.

    A year or so ago, there was a period of a few days when many people in my town did not shower for a few days - due to gas outage and no hot water.
    We managed fine on washing in basin of electric kettle boiled amount of hot water for a few days and didnt notice any stinking.
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    If you work in a hospital situation and especially now, they use soap and water every day. They drop their clothes on the floor and make a run for the shower the minute they hit the door of their homes. They do it for their family. Some of them use betadine soap or something similar on a daily basis. Betadine is quite mild for most people in a medical professional situation.

    I'm washing my hands with soap and water, I'm using soap in the shower. After I run errands, shopping and taking care of seniors, I drop my clothes at the door and run for the shower. I'm using soap from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Your mileage may vary.

    Wildlife, animals and birds have meticulous grooming habits. They're actually very clean. It's so sweet the way they look after one another. <3