Looking for friendly nudges

Hi, I've been on MFP for years but use it varyingly. I'm in the UK 59, fit, 5' 7" and 79kg, I really should be around 65kg but find it hard to break plateau.

Need friends to nudge me to keep on track especially in winter as the dark and weather is so off-putting to exercise. I eat healthily and watch my intake but can put on a kg a day easily (nightmare!) I think I'm designed for arctic living lol

Love cycling, walking, yoga, swimming (not in pandemic), hiking.

Say hello, it's lonely right now and I need some like minded souls to give and receive help 😊


  • Chris_J99
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    Hi! I’m based in the UK too.
    In my early 50’s and am also a fan of walking and cycling.
    I have another 30lbs or do to go to goal weight.
    Happy to be a friend to encourage and motivate you in these shorter days!
    Will send a friend request!
  • JoDavo66
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    I've been looking for a small group for the same reason. I'm also in UK.
    I'm 54 and I am seriously struggling for motivation.
    4 years ago (after yo-yo-ing with health probs, injuries & surgeries- lack of exercise, movement & comfort eating) I was about 10lb of my goal.
    Looked great, felt better got new job really positive- gained a few then had a Christmas holiday away- then perimenopause ramped up. Been an uphill struggle ever since- it all went back on and some more during lockdown.
    I keep starting 1st of month & then fall apart!
    I've got to loose about 30kg or 60lb to be where I want to be. Clothes all packed away so not demotivated by a bursting wardrobe of stuff tat doesn't fit.
    Can I add ypu both as friends?
  • JessiBelleW
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    I find the next 3 months the worst time of the year to be in the UK - especially bleak this year In London now we are at level 2 on the tier.

    You are welcome to friend me if you think I could help and I would be open to a UK WhatsApp group too.

    I find the best solutions for myself are: Vit D- high dose in the morning, exercise! For mood balance, and stay out of the pub!
  • gracie97007
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    Hi...I had a heart attack nearly 3 years ago. I did cardio rehab, I changed drastically how I ate and got down to a really good and healthy weight. I kept that off completely for over 2 years. In january my weight began inching back on me along with fat...I have gained 15 pounds back. It may not sound like a lot, but you see, I am eating healthy and exercising and yet I am gaining weight back and It scares me. I lost weight and fat with after my heart attack and I know that extra fat and weight are not good for my heart. I log every day. I limit myself to having red meat rarely...maybe 3x a year. I only eat baked fish or chicken. I eat a ton of raw veggies and use NO oils in my cooking. I do treat myself each day with one small piece of chocolate...something I have done since my heart attack. This is so concerning to me.. I don't get it
  • Diatonic12
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    @gracie97007 Is it possible for you to find a 2nd opinion and a different doctor/dietitian. Something is amiss.
    There's a piece of the health jigsaw puzzle missing.
  • SwtHedgehog
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    I'm not in the UK, but I felt coming across this thread is something I needed. I'm working in the basement in WI today. The television has a fireplace on it, Disney instrumentals on, and it's dark and raining. There is banana bread upstairs that I keep thinking about. I don't need it or want it that much, but I 'm afraid I'm going to talk myself into it, just because it's there.

    My first half Ironman has been postponed from June 2020 to September 2021. I was going to use this time to work on my running heart rate and strength (and drop some weight), but have been struggling with strength accountability, and running hasn't been as consistent as I would like it to be. The stress of all of this stuff and living with someone that has anxiety (no one really knows about the anxiety) is very energy draining. I am glad I've at least been sticking to my daily yoga.

    I miss swimming, but our house is still weighing in about how comfortable/risky we feel it is. The actual swimming isn't the worry as much as it is to be in the locker room around people not wearing masks (as they'd be coming to/from showers etc.)

    I'm not writing this to complain/whine/look for sympathy or anything; I just felt like I needed a place to write this out, and this thread just rezignated with me.
  • Chris_J99
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    Putting things in writing does help.
    Ignore the banana bread that’s shouting your name and focus on the other stuff!
    Hang in there!
    You can do it πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘πŸŽ‰
  • JoDavo66
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    Clean slate for tomorrow.
    Waiting to see if gyms close- some news reports saying they are, some saying they are now essential & others saying it's unclear!
  • JoDavo66
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    Reset today. With UK gyms likely to close later this week I'll have to focus on diet.