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Why do you care if people read your food diary?



  • rfsatarrfsatar Member Posts: 510 Member Member Posts: 510 Member
    A lot depends on why you landed on MFP in the first place. I find it easy to track/count carbs as a diabetic so the calorie counting aspect is meaningless to me and it is just easier to have it that way than to explain to people the differences between types of diabetes etc. I don't have the time for that nonsense! I also use the notes to track Blood Glucose through the day and meds so that I can use that and the results from blood glucose sensor to discuss with my GP. He is the ONLY person that needs to have a take on my carb control and BG... no-one else needs to know that!
  • b120in2021b120in2021 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    I am just now learning from the comments that this is the default setting. I don't care if you want to see what I'm eating. I'd prefer it if you made all my food though. :) that would be easier for me I don't log what I eat. I just record the number of calories.
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