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Hello Everyone! I have a goal to lose 60lbs.

Manny4evaManny4eva Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
Hey Guys! My name is Emmanuel. I am totally new to this forum but I have been doing myfitnesspal for almost 2 months now.
My goal is to lose 60lbs in 6 months. I am 6ft 3 and my starting weight was 250lbs. I have surprisingly dropped 21lbs and I now have 39 to go. My ultimate goal is to get to 190lbs. Using this fitness tracker has really helped me to be aware of my health. I really feel motivated and energized. I thank you all for your support in the coming months as I try to achieve my mission. Take care for now and I will keep you all posted on my progress. I am currently on day 47 and I am down 21lbs. I will be updating every friday.


  • jaderbaconjaderbacon Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
    You've got this and keep going!
  • Dogmom1978Dogmom1978 Member Posts: 1,305 Member Member Posts: 1,305 Member
    Don’t get discouraged if you lose less than 10 lbs a month. As you lose, you will need to re-evaluate as that won’t be realistic anymore (the less you have to lose, the slower the rate of loss).
  • XLNC1981XLNC1981 Member Posts: 114 Member Member Posts: 114 Member
    Slow and steady wins the race... it’s a life change as well as a challenge! Good luck
  • KHMcGKHMcG Member Posts: 876 Member Member Posts: 876 Member
    You can do it!
  • Manny4evaManny4eva Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hello Everyone. I am sharing my weekly progress. Last week I weighed in at 229lbs. Today I am 224lbs I have lost 5lbs this week. I am so excited. I have been doing MFP for 2 months now and I have lost a total of 26lbs. I still have 34lbs left to lose and I will share my results with you all next Friday. THANKS SO MUCH for all your support. I am a Runner. So I run about 50miles a week. The only difference is that now I am starting to eat a little bit more healthier and wow I can really feel the difference. I am so motivated.
  • LGS_RFSLGS_RFS Member, Premium Posts: 32 Member Member, Premium Posts: 32 Member
    Congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up and you’ll hit your goals!
  • KickassAmazon76KickassAmazon76 Member Posts: 1,094 Member Member Posts: 1,094 Member
    As you get closer to goal, I encourage you to focus less on the scale and more on how you are feeling. You're doing amazing, but as others have said, the rate of loss often slows pretty quickly as you get closer to the end... But you may also find that as you get to the weight you picked, you're happier with how you feel as you go.

    Keep kicking butt! You're killing it!
  • ShaunW1992ShaunW1992 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    You already look pretty slim we have the same starting weight let’s do this!
  • Manny4evaManny4eva Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hello Everyone. So for this week Friday weigh-in, I lost 1 pound. I am down to 223lbs. Now that Thanksgiving is over (my cheat day😋), I can now focus again on eating healthier. Thanks guys. I know that this is a lifestyle and not a race but I am just trying to make it fun and see how far I can go. I am so happy because this weekend I ran a half marathon and I had a PR of 1:47. This is the fastest I have ever ran in my life. This is more motivation for me to keep going. 33lbs left to go. See you all next Friday
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