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Starting tomorrow: 70lbs (5st/32kg) to lose (eek!)

ThePigMamaThePigMama Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
Getting geared up for what will likely be a year long project - getting back down to a healthy weight! I was going to wait until January 1st, but decided I'd give myself a five week headstart! :) Meals are planned, groceries are bought, workout gear is laid out. Let's gooooo...


  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 560 Member Member Posts: 560 Member
    Don't wait for tomorrow. Start today!
  • AndreaTamiraAndreaTamira Member, Premium Posts: 116 Member Member, Premium Posts: 116 Member

    I know how daunting a large weight loss can feel (lost 9 kg, have another 18 to go to highest normal weight). It is great you decided to start tomorrow instead of in over a month. - And I understand why you want to start on a new day, too.
  • XLNC1981XLNC1981 Member Posts: 114 Member Member Posts: 114 Member
    Don't wait for tomorrow. Start today!
    Absolutely.... there is no time like the present! Set your mind and make sure it’s set good.... can prep yourself all the way to the moon but if your heart ain’t in it... it ain’t happening!

    Luckily for you, sounds like your mind is set... probs it to yourself. The results will take time... Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    All the best with the fitness venture
  • socajamsocajam Member, Premium Posts: 2,473 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,473 Member
    gewel321 - you are so right.
    I was saying the same thing to a friend today - look at the small numbers and before you know it, you will be amazed at how the numbers have increased
  • cgrout78cgrout78 Member Posts: 1,421 Member Member Posts: 1,421 Member
    Best wishes on your goal!! 70 sounds like a daunting task, but break it up and take all the time you need to do this and be healthy.
  • jensey602xxjensey602xx Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    Doing the same! On a goal to lose 35 pounds that I had gained the last 3 months. We can do this!
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