What was your final push to get serious?



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    The scale at the Dr's. 201 and it had been climbing overall for probably 25 years. Rollar coasting dieting. Now out from uder a pile of serious stress for that long. Enough. Today at 150. About 25 lbs to go. A few years to get here. It is ok. It is happening. Things change in so many ways over time. I swear some of it is the food we eat and how much junk is in it. Even good food. There are many factors. It isn't all calories in, calories out.
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    The funny thing is about day 3 of being in my room I LOST MY TASTE AND SMELL.
    That's a classic covid symptom, as i expect you realise. I hope you are OK.
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    For me, it was the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes back in January. At the time I had been 'yo-yo'ing for years between 290 and 260. At the time of diagnosis I was at 265lbs and my A1C was 9.7 with a random sugar reading of mid 20's. Being 51 I knew this was the time to smarten up and live better or keep on living the way I was and leave my family suffering through my early demise. I am happy to say that by July I had dropped 65 lbs to 200 and had cut my A1C in half, dropping it to 4.7 in a six month span. I've eased up some on the weight loss but have still dropped another 11 lbs since then and am sitting at 189 lbs with a BMI that for the first time since I was a teenager is under 25. At one time my BMI had reached 39!

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I was diagnosed type 2 in July with an A1c of 9.5 and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. In Oct my liver enzymes were normal and A1c was 5.7. Dec 18 I tested an A1c of 5.2. I've lost weight and like what I see in the mirror but the lower A1c and healthy liver was the real motivation to change. I've been wondering if this is as good as it gets but now I know that even starting at over 9, an A1c in the 4s is possible.