2021....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge

tammierlewis Posts: 564 Member
Welcome to the 2021.....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge! - A New and Better New Year! New Goals and a New Beginning. 1 pound a week to become a New You!

This is my 4th year using this challenge to keep me focused on my weight loss efforts.
2020 was a challenging year and although I did not meet my goal and actually gained over the year, I have used this challenge with success in previous years and it will work for me again.

Track your exercise, eat healthy and be aware of portions to achieve your personal goals.

Share your successes and challenges. We all benefit, learn and celebrate with each other.

Weight in weekly, daily, monthly, whatever works for you.

Use the format below to get started.

Starting weight:
Goal weight:
Current weight:
Total weight lost:
This week's successes:
This week's challenges: