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Should I maintain or bulk?

JoeyFitness1718JoeyFitness1718 Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
Before tier 4 was introduced in the UK, I was bulking eating at around 3,100 calories per day. I was also training 5/6 days a week. 2 weeks into my bulk, the gyms have now closed. What should I do? My original plan was to bulk to the 15th of February which would give me a 2 month bulk. That would then give me loads of time to cut off any excess fat for summer. What do I do now? Christmas I will eat what I want but after Christmas, do I cut? Do I bulk? Do I maintain? My plan was to try to put on a stone of lean muscle. Any help would be greatly appreciated and even better, if you want to, add me and PM me! :)


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