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Failure to recomp; advice requested



  • friedpetfriedpet Member Posts: 16 Member Member Posts: 16 Member
    friedpet wrote: »
    My ultimate goal is to lose my belly fat. I'm not looking for a six-pack; just a flat stomach. Eating more to achieve that goal seems counterintuitive and will present a challenge psychologically. What I'm doing clearly isn't working, though, so I might as well give it a shot. Given my lack of activity outside of the gym (approximately 4 hours per week) and my cheat day, what do you recommend should be my target for a six-foot, 155-pound man?

    I had a quick look at your diary and of the days that you had logged, you were often 200-300 cals below your goal of 1900, which is below maintenance. Hopefully your logging is inaccurate and you're eating more than is in your diary? you don't need a calorie deficit for recomp.

    Just for another comparison, i am 5ft5 and 133lbs and I maintain on net 1950 cals, you're netting 15-1600 cals regularly. Unless your cheat day is around 4000 cals you're nowhere near maintenance by the end of the week.
    I do log everything I eat on days I track, so that's an accurate view of my diet (minus the holiday weeks). My cheat day isn't an all-out splurge; I'll typically have a plate of phad Thai from a local restaurant and a small dessert with snacks scattered on either side. My weight has remained steady for the past few months, so maybe that does come out to 4000 calories. Then again, as suggested by AnnPT77, perhaps my maintenance level is unhealthily low and that's why I'm not recomping.
  • richardgavelrichardgavel Member Posts: 916 Member Member Posts: 916 Member
    If your weight has remained steady for a few months, then there isn't anything wrong with your calorie level itself. But recomp also required stressing your body in the right way with your resistance training.
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Member, Greeter, Premium Posts: 43,653 Member Member, Greeter, Premium Posts: 43,653 Member
    Your workouts seem like maintenance when it comes to poundages. I'd be looking to increasing the poundages by quite a bit. Your muscles aren't getting taxed enough for any growth.

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