I’ve gained another 0.2 pounds since yesterday :( what’s wrong with me



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    Interesting re juice! I will try & thanks
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    2.4 lbs heavier this morning - I thought WTF this is harder the older you get.
    But I will continue on this quest until I reach the mountain top, until then I am slowly climbing my way to the top
    I starting adding weights to my workout instead of just doing the elliptical - my legs are feeling smoother and the thigh rub seems to be going away

    Thanks so much
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    Interesting re juice! I will try & thanks

    Adding more calories isn’t necessarily a great idea...
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    working out causes a false gain in water retention due to the tears in the muscles. That can last up to 6 weeks. So.. do not despair. The main thing you must do is make sure you're using a food scale and weigh all your food to make sure you are on point with calories. Guessing and going by what's on the nutrition label isn't good enough. Remember nutrition labels and menu calorie estimates are legally allowed to be off by 20 percent.

    Stick with it... be diligent.. and fine tune what you're doing. Don't let the devil on your shoulder tell you it isn't working. not true.

    and to make you feel better..I just lost 3 pounds since last Saturday ...and I really can't tell at all.. and it makes me wonder what's wrong with me.. am I losing muscle? The fat I want to go bye bye looks just the same to me. We all doubt ourselves.. nothing ever seems good enough. just stick with it..
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    Thank you so much - I will definitely keep going
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    Hello everyone

    I am weighing everything; I then check the calories and log it. I would say allowing for any errors, I eat 1500 calories per day. I calculated 1743 for maintenance, and so I thought consuming 1500 would lead to loss.

    I do not always get 10000 steps in, but I work out 6 times per week; 2-3 of those days I do 30 mins and the rest of the time more like 45-50. I’ve been doing that for just over a month now.

    I weigh everything, I drink water and I never have alcohol.

    It’s not my time of the month - I’ve seen steady gain of between 0.2 and 0.5 pounds per day.

    Thanks for any help

    If 1743 is correct (it's just an estimate, right?) then eating 1500 (accurately counted) would indeed result in weight loss. Specifically, you'd expect to lose half a pound a week, on average. The words "on average" are really important there (as are "just an estimate" and "accurately counted").
    Most of us experience water-weight fluctuations of a pound or more overnight, regularly. Against the backdrop of daily fluctuations through a range of a couple of pounds . . . well, it could take weeks to show up clearly. It might not even show up in a weight trending app.

    In about October 2019, I started an intentional plan to (re-)lose some vanity pounds, while overall in weight-maintenance mode. I took about a 200-250 calorie deficit off my long-tracked, well-documented maintenance calorie level, similar to what you're you're doing. However, I also let myself have a more indulgent day now & then, even eating well over maintenance occasionally. The chart below is a view of how that looked in real life on the scale. (The solid downhill-ish line is the Libra app trend line, a sort of rolling average. The vertical lines connected to it are linking each daily weight to the trend line.)


    There are times in there where *even the trend line* thinks I'm maintaining or even gaining weight, let alone the way the daily weights bounce around (and that's without menstrual cycles making things even weirder, as I'm past that age)! Look at July, specifically: I resumed weight training around then, which for me always means about a 2-pound water weight increase that hangs around as long as I keep lifting regularly. It took until August for the ongoing fat loss, which had been continuing the whole time, to finally show up on the scale. Clearly, though, if you look at the trend line over many months shown there, I've gone from the mid 130s to the mid 120s: Fat loss, really slowly.

    Really slow loss can be a great thing, practically painless. But you need several things for it to work:

    * Patience
    * A really good estimate of your calorie needs for maintenance
    * A rock-solid calorie tracking process that you trust and can rely on, even when the scale and even the trending app tell you loss isn't happening
    * Extreme patience

    Did I mention patience? 😉

    Now, if you actually have a 200-250 calorie deficit, you'll lose a little faster than I did. With my high days figured in, I was averaging something in the 100-150 calorie deficit range, over the whole period. But the basic message is still true: Slow loss is slow, and deceptive on the scale. A week or two in *any* calorie reduction regimen tells you very little. When loss is intentionally slow, a couple of weeks tells you even less.