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I have been on the path of the definition of "Progress" for the last 4 months (involved with the app, fitness, dieting, etc.). At the beginning of my journey, progress meant dropping the pounds. When I realized I still mentally viewed myself with ill will and rude intentions, that was the first time "progress" changed for me. Progress then became the improvement of my physical and mental health. Fast forward and I have a strong cardio circuit I follow everyday. The first time I had to stop before I finish my circuit was extremely hard on me - I felt like a failure and everything I did reset. The next day, I got back into it, worked hard, and finished my circuit. Progress then was the improvement of the will to push and motivate myself. I can go on and on. Progress, a great concept. What is your take on the word "progress" and what is your personal example?


  • SummerSkierSummerSkier Member, Premium Posts: 2,034 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,034 Member
    I agree. I think in long term maintenance it is very important to redefine your goals and progress and try not to focus so much on the scale. That is why so many do "recomp" because they are still working to improve their physical.

    My personal example is staying away from the scale successfully and reducing how often the "crazyeateverythinginthehousetonight" monster shows up by increasing my cals. I still weigh every few months but it is no longer a data point which is important to everyday perception of myself,
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