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Logging 30 Minute express workout

hhh24hhh24 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Does anyone know how to log the Planet Fitness 30 minute express workout?


  • TeaBeaTeaBea Member Posts: 14,394 Member Member Posts: 14,394 Member
    Use a generic category. Calorie burns are just estimates anyway.

    Circuit training (under cardio vascular) for a combo of resistance and cardio

    General Aerobics for cardio

    Or straight strength training (under cardio vascular)
  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 207 Member Member Posts: 207 Member
    I would call it Circuit Training.
  • sijomialsijomial Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member
    Can you describe what you do in this workout and what equipment is used?
  • happyauntie2015happyauntie2015 Member Posts: 282 Member Member Posts: 282 Member
    I just log each machine i do with weights and reps. I like to look back and see especially so I can increase my weight when the time presents itself
  • Trish1cTrish1c Member Posts: 490 Member Member Posts: 490 Member
    I never figured it out. In my head I just gave myself about another 100 calories each day
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