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From an 18 to a 6, 45ish something lbs down since Quarantine

cmm7303cmm7303 Member, Premium Posts: 447 Member Member, Premium Posts: 447 Member
So, that's me, last week, finally donating some jeans from January of 2020. Those are 18s, and I'm now a 6. It says 71 lbs because (a few years ago) I went from somewhere in the 200s down to 150, and then had acar accident and surgery and went back to the 180s. 180s was a 6/18 for me, and I'm down to the mid 130s now, and it is weirdly like living in someone else's skin.

It's been mostly tracking, but also moving more (I got a fitbit last year for Christmas, and synched those up). I'm never losing as fast as MFP thinks I should, even if I still have exercise calories left over at the end of the day (hundreds, not like 6 calories) but this is the lightest I've been since my freshman year of high school, and the smallest I've been...ever? I was 125 in high school, but with more muscle and in 9s and 11s (junior sizes make even less sense than women's sizes).

I've also gotten more used to the low-dose chemo I'm taking for my ankylosing spondylitis, which really threw me and made me feel ill all the time, but I didn't lose any weight because I didn't want to move. Now that my hair's back and I can walk outside without running into people, it seems like it's going better.


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