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How do I make this a lifestyle?

7rainbow7rainbow Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
We all know that making a healthy lifestyle and sticking with it is the key to weight loss success in the long run. But how does one do it? I'm one of those people who once I lose the weight goes back to binging sweets again. I want to enjoy life and food but also not gain... Which is a struggle.


  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 5,874 Member Member Posts: 5,874 Member
    It's a see-saw that many have trouble with. I second just making good choices a habit--both exercise and food.

    You'll have to work on the moderation aspect. Binging occurs because we think we shouldn't eat certain foods. They are just food, but perhaps calorie dense. Look at that piece of cake before you eat it and try to calculate it's calories. You may be able to fit it into your day, and this depends on whether it's an exception or a frequent occurrence. If frequent the piece of cake may need to be very small. If it's a holiday or celebration eat your cake and enjoy it all. When you eat these foods don't feel guilty, and just go back to good habits after.
  • sijomialsijomial Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member
    Possibly by making your weightloss diet (verb) a whole lot closer to how you want your maintenance diet (noun) to be?
    Both in calories and in food choices.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 38,471 Member Member Posts: 38,471 Member
    7rainbow wrote: »
    We all know that making a healthy lifestyle and sticking with it is the key to weight loss success in the long run. But how does one do it? I'm one of those people who once I lose the weight goes back to binging sweets again. I want to enjoy life and food but also not gain... Which is a struggle.

    You have to change your're not "done" when you reach whatever weight on the scale. Also, you'll more than likely need to change your mindset from weight loss being the be all and end all and recognize how important good nutrition and regular exercise is for your overall health and well being.

    Beyond that, eating healthfully doesn't have to be bland and boring and endless salads and exercise doesn't need to be droning away on an elliptical or treadmill...eating healthfully can be quite delicious and getting out and just being active is great exercise. Binging on this or that is another matter...not really something you can do if you want to maintain a healthy weight, but most certainly indulgences can be enjoyed in moderation.

    I've been more or less maintaining (except for this COVID weight ) for almost 8 years. Eating healthfully most of the time...enjoying my indulgences in moderation and regular exercise and/or activity most days.
  • nanastaci2020nanastaci2020 Member Posts: 827 Member Member Posts: 827 Member
    For me: I accepted that the things I do to lose weight (pay attention to how much I'm consuming by keeping a food log, setting activity goals so I'm not a couch/desk potato) are things I'll need to do for life.
  • carakirkeycarakirkey Member Posts: 183 Member Member Posts: 183 Member
    KHMcG wrote: »
    Starting a healthy lifestyle

    Adopt a long term view. A lifestyle is something you do for life.

    Eating - consider this will be the foundation for how you eat until you die. It can be adjustable but must be 100% maintainable. Therefore the calorie deficit in not adjust by what you eat but by how much and when.

    Exercise - Nothing against body builders but that level of heavy lifting cannot be maintained by most past 60 years old. Pick exercises you generally enjoy and build them into your weekly routine. Then surround them with exercise that challenge you and cause you to excel. Again pick exercises you can see yourself doing at 60 years old as your foundation.

    Elasticity - If you want something the be a lifestyle you have to be able to keep doing it. Stretching is often overlooked. Life brings us many challenges if you are unable to be a bit flexible physically or mental/emotionally you will have injuries.

    Emotional - being fit is more a mental exercise than a physical one. You achieve a victory every time you: eat the right amount, the right foods to support you level of exercise, successfully do a new exercise or stretch, surpass a personal best, fit into that favorite outfit, look at yourself in the mirror and are satisfied. Each of these little victories is self motivational and self accepting. Celebrate the little victories and use them to sustain your daily attitude.

    I read this and feel like I'm on the right track. I walk every day rain or shine and its something I hope to do as long as I'm mobile to do so. And yoga everyday, for the flexibility, strength and mental clarity. And eating fresh vegetables. That can be my foundation, with recreation like skiing or kayaking added in as I'm able, or strength training. But I hope to sustain walking and healthy eating habits well into my senior years.
  • KHMcGKHMcG Member Posts: 973 Member Member Posts: 973 Member
    That's great. Forgive yourself quickly when you fail or disappoint yourself. Once you forgive get right back into the routine.

    Keep it fresh by adding and switching things up once in a while. Keep your base routine though. Only adjust about 20 to 30%.

    Find someone to do it with so you can encourage them But do it for yourself. Don't rely on others. Set new goals that are SMART.
  • rosebarnalicerosebarnalice Member Posts: 2,952 Member Member Posts: 2,952 Member
    Start working now on building new habits by incorporating treats and staying within your calorie goals (smaller portions, or avoiding everyday "junk sweets" and instead saving those calories up for something really special less often??).

    You might maybe also give some thought to your emotional attachments to those treats. Are there other ways to reward yourself or address those needs without falling back into old habits that aren't serving you well?
  • Steph_135Steph_135 Member Posts: 3,272 Member Member Posts: 3,272 Member
    Hypnosis has been recommended to me. :) I was considering it. I also like tapping (EFT) to help deal with subconscious mental barriers. My advice for long term is eat healthy (learn to trust your intuition vs counting every calorie), move your body every day (doesn't have to be strenuous, but should make you breathe deeply), and work on your mental attitude and find your "why".

    Recommended reading:
    "The Untethered Soul"
    "Atomic Habits"
    edited January 15
  • Steph_135Steph_135 Member Posts: 3,272 Member Member Posts: 3,272 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    You say "I'm one of those people who . . . ". That's a self-definition. Self-definitions are important. Can you nudge your thinking just a little, to "I'm one of those people who USED TO . . . "?

    Just. Yes! To the above!

    @AnnPT77 reminded me of something I heard recently, too, which was that we are more motivated by goals we set that have to do with something we are GAINING versus something we have to lose or give up. So, losing weight or giving up treats is not a motivating goal, but being able to lift heavier weights or achieve something previously difficult is going to help us stay committed longer.

    After that, habits habits habits. Start with 2 minutes of whatever activity, and DO 2 minutes every day. Then make it 3, than 4... Or whatever your goal is. Make it small, easy, obvious, and fun!
  • jeri30jeri30 Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    Change your thinking from "i can't....", "i won't....," to "I don't..."

    Ex. I can't eat corn dogs anymore.

    Actually, you can and you know it. You are physically capable of doing it and implies you still want to but just not doing it right then

    I won't eat hot dogs anymore.

    You won't?? Why??? You know you will eventually. Requires willpower. Implies you still want to/are still eating them right now but just won't for some reason in the future.

    I don't eat hot dogs anymore.

    You don't. It's just something you don't do anymore. You used to do it but are not doing it now or any longer. Way less or no internal resistance to battle when you state it this way.

    Tell me I can't do something I want to fight about it even if it's myself. Telling me I won't do something makes me want to do it even if it's me saying it, setting the limit. Telling me I can't or won't do something makes me want to to do it even more.

    Saying i don't do something is just a statement of fact. I used to do it but now I don't do it. I used to go to school but I don't right now. I used to weigh 180 lbs but I don't now. Etc.

    Try it. See if it helps.
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