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Sweet Potato



  • LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member Posts: 317 Member Member Posts: 317 Member
    I've always found sweet potatoes too sweet so I add some combination of onions, garlic, sage, cumin and/or coriander which helps. Yesterday I had Stokes Purple® sweet potato mashed with onion, cumin, coriander & butter. As it turns out they're not as sweet as regular sweet potatoes. It has a strange texture though. I've never put cheese on them but I like the idea of adding feta.
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  • BEVERLYSTEENBEVERLYSTEEN Member, Premium Posts: 106 Member Member, Premium Posts: 106 Member
    Wash and cut off the ends (don’t dry). Put on a paper plate and cover with another paper plate and microwave for 5-6 minutes depending on size.

    You can then cut them in slices and add to your meat in a frying pan adding onions and seasoned salt.

    I don’t like eating them alone, I stab a piece of meat and sweet potato then eat them together! Yummie.

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  • HelenV1HelenV1 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    A great way to prepare sweet potatoes, is to boil them (in their skins), and after they are cooked (and slightly cooled , peel them, mash them and make mashed sweet potatoes. After they are mashed (with a potato masher) then you add some orange juice (fresh). The orange juice cuts the sweetness of the sweet potatoes by introducing some acidity. I also like to add some freshly graded nutmeg. It makes a great side dish for roasted pork or chicken.
  • gigius72gigius72 Member Posts: 183 Member Member Posts: 183 Member
    I simply cook them in a pan with cinnamon and vanilla extract.
    Or sautee them with mushroom, bell pepper and zucchini.
  • dechowjdechowj Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    I grate them with a cheese grater, heat some coconut oil up in a skillet, cook the sweet potato until it is tender and add cinnamon.

    I also cut the sweet potato into cubes and roast them in the oven with cauliflower, onion, Brussel sprouts, carrots, and beets. Mix it all with a cup of prepared quinoa and season with soy sauce.

    For a sweet side dish, I cut up 4 large sweet potatoes and an apple. Toss them in a crock pot with 2 TBSP of butter, 2 TBSP brown sugar and some cinnamon and nutmeg. After it has cooked on high for 4 hours I add a half a cup of milk and use a stick blender to make it a mashed potato consistency and top it with a little honey.
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,874 Member Member Posts: 5,874 Member
    I just cube them and roast in the oven with olive oil salt and pepper. I love sweet potatoes though. I've been eating them in my salads the last few weeks for lunch.
  • Chubby_ShawtyChubby_Shawty Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    My husband and I aren’t big sweet potato fans either, but we both like this recipe....
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