Queryg what was/were your primary exercise/s for getting in shape



  • kedwards4267
    kedwards4267 Posts: 21 Member
    I started with walking 30 min a day, 7 days a week and a month ago I started rowing with a water rower. I love the rower, I do 30 min 3 days a week and I already see my arms and abs toning up.
  • nitalieben
    nitalieben Posts: 680 Member
    I lost 32kgs through diet only. I was much smaller obviously, but still looked "squishy" and "flabby". Then, I started incorporating strength training, and though I gained back roughly 2kgs, I look much firmer and feel much better. My waist circumference initially increased with 1cm only, and remained at that. Other areas, of course, increased, but that is hoped for (biceps, thighs, butt :laugh:)
  • cstatdixon
    cstatdixon Posts: 11 Member
    Pre-COVID, at the gym, heavy weightlifting 4 days a week and for fun, l did speed skating. Speed skating is an exceptional workout and so much fun! Post-COVID I do the aerobic step only.
  • vanmep
    vanmep Posts: 396 Member
    My theory is that if it’s something I enjoy doing and if it doesn’t cause too much disruption in my life, I’m all for it. So for me, cycling to work, walking with my partner in the evenings, hiking, yoga, kayaking, and then a few classes thrown in here and there to make sure I cover all the muscle groups.
  • steveko89
    steveko89 Posts: 2,183 Member
    Personally, it was seriously getting into lifting; so much so it's a hobby and passion, not simply something I do out of necessity or a means to an end. For my wife, it's running. If you can find a mode of exercise that you enjoy doing independently of getting in shape.