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Loose Weight or Die

nevagoergennevagoergen Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
Hi my name is Neva, I am 61 years and have several serious medical problems including Type 2 Diabetes, C.O.P.D. ,Osteoporosis and cirrhosis of liver. I have been in a wheelchair for 2 years and got up to 246 lbs which is really bad since i am only 4'4" tall. In September I got COVID-19 and was hospitalized in cardiac ICU for 10 days almost died, but for the Grace of God I survived. 3 months later I was still having issues and was hospitalized again with shortness of breath,chest pains and internal bleeding. I was put on lasix for edema. I lost 21 lbs of fluid and the Dr told me if I don't lose the weight I am gonna die. So here I am since I got out of the Hospital on Jan 6 I have lost 17 more lbs. The Dr has me on high protein and high fiber diet so that limits what I can eat dramatically. I started physical therapy today for strength training due to muscle atrophy. Would love to meet others that are going through similar issues for encouragement and support. Thank you


  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Member, Premium Posts: 27,892 Member Member, Premium Posts: 27,892 Member
    Welcome to MFP! You been through a lot, and there are people here to support you. Use your medical team, for sure!

    Best of luck! 🍀
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Member, Premium Posts: 5,374 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,374 Member
    My boss got to the point many years ago where he had to lose weight or die. He had some surgery, and in fact, he did die for a while on the table. He's made some awesome changes and is mobile and healthy now. He'll always be a big man; just built that way. It's even hard for him to find shoes big enough. But he was able to pull it together. You can too.

    It sounds like you've got a good team working with you. Take anything you read on here with a grain of salt and run it by your medical team. There's some gems here and some real turds. You can polish a turd, but it's still a shiny turd.

    Keep working on being the best you that is possible, and share your successes and failures. Sharing failure dilutes the pain, and sharing the joy multiplies it. Don't quit. You'll have hard times, but keep working on it. You obviously know the alternatives. You can do this. It's not easy. But you can!
  • kaycoeskaycoes Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    Female 33 have congenital muscular fiber type disporpotion. Aka weak muscles.. am also 4ft 7.. I feel for you! You can do this!! Don't give up! You've come far already, and are very strong for everything you've gone through already!! Us short girls got to stick look for my add
  • nevagoergennevagoergen Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you all for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot
  • mitchelltia9mitchelltia9 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    My doctor basically said the same thing. I'm almost 25 and have Fatty Liver Disease. Part of it's genetics, but I'm also an EMT and it's easier to get fast food in between calls, instead of packing a lunch. When I found out I had Fatty Liver Disease after I thought I was doing better with what I was eating, I really wasn't, it was a big wake up call for me. I mean, like I said, I'm only 25. Without me here, my family would be split up and more than likely end up homeless if something happened to me. I've already lost 19 pounds in almost 2 months and I'm feeling not only healthier, but happier as well. You got this, girl! If I can do you, you've definitely got it. :smile:
  • ebautista0425ebautista0425 Member, Premium Posts: 55 Member Member, Premium Posts: 55 Member
    Welcome! I had covid myself last month and ended up with pneumonia and partially collapsed lung. It's a rough one. What it made me realize though was how much I was neglecting my health and taking my mobility and energy for granted. You are making a great choice by starting here. You are among friends. Good luck on your journey!
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