It's very weird that I've hit this milestone. In 2010 after being large my entire life, I got my heart broken and decided that I wasn't happy with myself. I just wanted to be able to shop at Hot Topic and be a hot ALT MOD with tons of tattoos and a septum ring and purple hair. I worked at a very toxic place and I remember telling a co-worker that I wanted to drop a few lbs and this nasty nasty lady told me that she didn't think I could because I had been big all my life.

Well I decided to prove her wrong, make my ex regret cheating on me, and finally be able to shop at Hot Topic without just buying guy's xxl band tees.

Feast your eyes on these fantastic pictures from my youth and early 20s




I went from 320 lbs to 170 and stayed there for several years. I got to express my inner "ALT MOD", I'm being totally sarcastic, and get tattoos and dye my hair and pierce my septum. Yes, I most def could have done these things while being heavier, but confidence didn't start showing up until I lost the weight. It was something completely different than I had ever felt. I had been a size 24w in women's since I hit puberty in the 6th grade.

Here's when I went through my pin up stage, cause ya know ya girl has to go through one.




Coming into my 30s I dropped a bit more weight when I found my rad partner and he taught me how to ride a bike. I didn't realize that cycling was the actual fountain of youth, I mean even Bill Nye does it. Finding myself in a super active relationship and genuinely happy for the first time in a while I was able to hit the 150s. THAT WAS WILD. For the first time I had lost more weight than I weighed.

Oh did you want to see pictures of me on bike adventures?




It wasn't until Chicago winter hit that I realized that the lower 150s is def a peak race weight for cycling and not what I can easily maintain with the amount of food that I choose to eat. With that being said the last couple of years I've bounced between 155 and 165 depending on the time of year it is. I consider this maintenance for myself and I'm so so so so very okay with this. This month I turn 32 and I have maintained my weight loss for 10 freaking years.

This is me today celebrating on a snowy day in Chicago weighing in at 163 pounds.


Thanks for reading!


  • 1poundatax
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    Thanks for sharing! You look great and it is great that you have maintained for 10 years.
  • RunsWithBees
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    Congrats! You look amazing and like you’re loving life and having fun, so inspiring! :)
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    Awesome post! Definitely inspiring!
  • Sand_TIger
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    You look fantastic, so gorgeous (I'm rather reminded of Betty Page in one of your pinup photos) and most importantly, so happy. This is what life should be - full of joy and adventure. Thank you for sharing your story!
  • TiredMom2021
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    What a great telling of a beautiful journey of hard work and joy. Thank you for sharing! You look fabulous - and happy!
  • Wow, you are amazing! Brilliant work :)
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    Amazing! Congratulations!
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    That is so great! Way to go, and I'm loving that mandalorian dress on you!!
  • MightyMariella
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    What an amazing job you did!! I love your taste in fashion, too! <3 Reading about you wanting to fit into Hot Topic clothing very much reminded me of myself. I didn't get to fully live out my emo scene phase to the fullest as a teen due to my weight and low-self esteem. Might I ask how many years it took you to go from 320lbs to 170lbs? And what exercises did you do during that timeframe in your 20s?
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    Wow...with the great bod you discovered after losing weight it's no wonder you're a bit of a fashionista. You really rock your clothes!
  • Bluetail6
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    You rock!! Thank you for sharing your adventure. Never stop the ride!!! :):)
  • J_NY_Z
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    Thanks for reading!

    First and foremost, congrats on such hard disciplined work. You deserve every accolade for keeping it off.

    Second. I said I would never get married again. But I see you are wearing a Bobe Fett dress. So what do you say?

    Again, awesome work!
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    Wow, you are amazing! Congratulation, you look beautiful.
  • brenn24179
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    that is amazing, how tall are you? You look great, not flabby at all, maybe because you look so young. I know you are proud of yourself, yes good revenge on that boyfriend! I seen 156 one time but found it hard to maintain, so I stay about 163, 160 in summer, 165 in winter.
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    Congrats you are amazing!
  • eels4peels00
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    brenn24179 wrote: »
    that is amazing, how tall are you? You look great, not flabby at all, maybe because you look so young. I know you are proud of yourself, yes good revenge on that boyfriend! I seen 156 one time but found it hard to maintain, so I stay about 163, 160 in summer, 165 in winter.

    I'm 5'7!

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    Amazing story, you look great!