March 2021 - Daily or Weekly check-in



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    @rachjolly - Congrats on hitting your monthly goal!
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    @BittersweetVita Recognizing that you want to do something to turn around your stress eating is great and putting a plan into action (no matter how long it takes) is even better. Great job! :)
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    March starting weight: 187
    March goal: 184, but really my weekly goal is for the high spikes to be lower, and the lows to drop lower

    3/1 - 187.0 8min run w/ walk
    3/2 - 187.0 9min run w/ walk. Adding 1min run daily is working well; took off Saturday as a 'rest' day. Excited to hit the 1 mile mark this week!
    3/3 - 186.4 massage, 10min run w/ walk, and zumba tonight!
    3/4 - 185.2 yesterday I just ran 9min instead of the planned 10min...getting old and forgot the plan, but today I'm doing 11min to stay on schedule.
    3/5 - 185.0 yesterday I did a full 12min run instead of the planned 11, so yay, a solid mile! No run planned for today. Gotta hang on to my motivation and big girl panties and make good choices this weekend.
    3/6 - 183.0 what????? 13min run w/ walk is done, making quiche for dinner tonight (cheddar, smoked sausage, mushrooms, evap milk instead of cream) Happy weekend!!
    3/7 - 184.6 a rebound as expected. Still, I count this week as a success. Last night's quiche was too yummy...ate too much, and had wine. Last month I noticed a bump after wine, definitely need to watch to see if this is a pattern related to wine. Daily weigh-ins are interesting, helps me figure out how my body reacts to different things. Today's plan is 14min run w/ walk, get the dogs out for a walk, taxes for us and my mom. Hamburger (no bun) with a salad for me tonight, w/ bun and tater tots for my menfolk.

    3/8 - 186.4 sigh. sigh. Slightly below last Monday though. I really wish my scale was consistent but it reflects my choices so there you go. 15min run w/ walk, laundry, and work today; hope to get the dogs out too.
    3/9 - 185.2 fluid retention and I are old frenemies. 16min run w/ walk, didn't get the dogs out yesterday so will do so today. Dinner is leftover quiche.
    3/10 - 185.2 disappointing, I thought I'd see a little movement today. No run/walk today but will make it to zumba tonight. Still haven't gotten the dogs out despite temps in the low 60s.
    3/11 - 184.4 I did manage my 17min run yesterday, along with zumba. Today may be a rest day but I may manage the 18min run anyway.
    3/12 - 183.4 sure looks like I just repeated last week. My plan for this weekend is to plan extra exercise, like finally getting the dogs outside for a walk, and to prelog my food (even for a restaurant). I have to figure out how not to undo all my hard work every weekend. I did my run yesterday (yay me!) so today is 19min.
    3/13 - 184.0 No exercise yesterday. Today was a 90min walk, leg cramps dictated no run today.
    3/14 - 184.8 wine last night and gluten, so surprised it's less than a pound jump. Had a hot bath last night, and my legs feel much better; am going to sit in hot water several times this week and hope to get my legs stretched out and not-so-tight. Today ran 20min + 23min walk (an episode of Hell's Kitchen). Dinner is baked salmon and shrimp, cauliflower.

    3/15 - 186.0 ah, there's the rest of the gluten spike from 3/13. Although it's lower than last Monday so I'm not going to complain (much). Running 21min today with my walk. Onward and downward. Mexican rice, egg, and avocado for dinner.
    3/16 - 186.6 ???? Maybe the rice? 22min run with walk; dinner chicken leg quarter & cauliflower.
    🍀 3/17 - 187.2 grrr...fighting to remember that I'm a girl, and girls have issues... Dinner is salmon & broccoli, zumba tonight. No run today, fighting with extremely tight calves. Spent time researching calf issues last night, typically seen in runners, due to over-use. Well hmmm, that's probably me. Did a couple half's last year which resulted in the calf issue so I took a few months off. Getting back into it and guess what resurfaced. So I'm going to spend some time on the stretches and see what happens. I think I'm going to stick with 20min runs for a few days too instead of adding minutes. I've got to fix my legs.
    3/18 - 185.7 whatever. Yesterday was a complete rest day: no zumba, no walk, no run. And today is a nice drop, which lends credibility to the fluid retention being the culprit. Used my foam roller (not actually foam, but not as hard as plastic) on my calves yesterday and will again today. PAIN! This morning they feel like they were beat up, which I'm taking as a good sign. Will keep at it. I am planning on a 20min run + walk today. Dinner: baked chicken and a veg.
    3/19 - 187.6 nothing happened as planned yesterday: no run, no walk, went out with my husband and had cake. So this number is no surprise, even though it's irritating. 20min run + walk today, chicken and veg for dinner. Today I'm sticking to the plan.
    3/20 - 188.0 ugh. Too many rest days in a row = not a good number. Will do 20min run + walk today.
    3/21 -

    3/22 -
    3/23 - 187.8 25min run
    3/24 - 187.0 25min run yesterday turned into 2, 5min runs with lots of walking in between. I have to figure out my tight calves to keep running. The rest of this week I'm going to walk and pull out a yoga dvd (yes, dvd lol). This year has been rough on the scale, really haven't made any progress. But on I go, not giving up! (zumba & walk; meatloaf for dinner)
    3/25 - 186.8 today I'm going to walk and do some yoga to hopefully help my calves. Leftovers tonight, probably salmon and a veg.
    3/26 -
    3/27 -
    3/28 -

    3/29 -
    3/30 -
    3/31 -

    Wine tracking:
    3/7, 183.0 - wine = 3/8, 184.6
    3/13, 184.0 - wine+gluten = 3/14, 184.8 (not a fair data point as I had wine + gluten, and I'm really just trying to see how I react to wine)
    3.14, 184.8 - wine = 3/15 186.0 (still not a fair data point as I'm sure this jump is the rest of the gluten spike)
    3/19, 187.6 - wine = 3/20 188.0 hmm, thinking I don't react negatively to wine, which is a good thing :-)