March 2021 - Daily or Weekly check-in



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    @BittersweetVita @roz0810 Thank you 😊 Such a lovely, positive bunch of people! You lot are keeping me motivated, BRING ON APRIL 🙌❤️
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 60 years old and from the Midwest USA.
    (From Feb 28, 2021) Starting weight: 207.0
    Goal: 202.0

    03/01 – 206.6 Off to a good start. Hoping for a good finish with no getting lost on the way! Good luck everyone!
    03/02 - 207.4 Nighttime snacks with milk during documentary. Ugg! Here goes the roller coaster ride!
    03/03 - 207.0 I am very happy with this. I traveled yesterday and managed still see some downward movement. The good dining choices paid off!
    03/04 - 208.4 A severe glucose drop last night. I kept my cool pretty good. A bowl of cereal with milk very late night did not help my scale this morning, but it did fix the symptoms. Aiming for a well-balanced day today. Tomorrow is travel out-of-town for my appointment with attorney. Time to update my will. I haven’t made changes since my husband died 5 years ago. My children are all grown since I originally made my will which changes things. Also, with the recent sale of my two businesses, it really needs to be done. I will try to keep any luncheon choices reasonable. Milk always seems to bloat me up. Perhaps I have become a bit lactose intolerant? Disappointed but not discouraged!
    03/05 - 208.4 Small quantities but bad choices. Another glucose drop last night. This one was the type that makes you feel drunk. Woozy, unsteady on feet. Strange foot to floor sensations. Clouded thinking and judgement. High fall risk, must hold on to things because of staggering. Not as fast coming on as the feeding frenzy kind but something that has to be dealt with. Very cloudy vision. Strange thinking. Drunk is the only way I can describe it. This shows how out of shape my diet is (when too low calorie or carb puts me in this state). My body doesn’t want the (healthy) change. I will take it slow. Traveling today to work on having my will & trust updated along with some other legal matters. Lunch will be out-of-town. Everything is challenging right now.
    03/06 - 208.4 Travel yesterday with restaurant did not show up on the scale. I am grateful but watchful as it sometimes sneaks on a few days later. I am going to try to eat lighter today without anything too drastic. Because of the diabetes episodes of late, I am easing in…..
    03/07 - 207.6 Very happy with this. Tonight is a Pizza Takeout Dinner after the work crew leaves. I am holding a family meeting at about 5:30 in regards to my Will and Trust. It is part of my homework and will be a difficult evening. I hope the scale will understand and be kind.
    03/08 - 208.2 Pizza last night during the family dinner. I kept the meal smaller than my usual but I still probably deserve this.
    03/09 – 206.8 That makes me smile today finally! That is a smidgen over starting weight. Now……to lose some weight this month!
    03/10 – 204.8 Wow! That was a nice drop. That may explain the severe glucose drop again last night. This time it actually woke me out of a deep sleep which is quite unusual. Middle of the night food and drink remedy I thought would really hurt the scale but so far so good. My body is fighting me tooth and nail but slow and steady will win the race. As my weight improves, my glucose will improve too. When I drop and sustain for a bit, I will seek a medication check-up. The doctor won’t change a thing when my weight loss is only temporary downs and ultimately sustaining the higher weights. Another goal to reach for!
    03/11 – 206.2 The two pound overnight loss was a bit drastic so my body has adjusted. Still moving downward in my trends and still down 0.6 from day before yesterday. I am happy to be on track with food and movement. I hope today will be another good day. I don’t always trust myself on one side of my brain, but the other side is the babysitter and will try to keep that unruly child in me in check!
    03/12 – 207.0 Out to dinner. This number will pass. Family emergency today.
    03/13 - 207.2 My daughter and 3 yr old grandson decided to move in last night in an emergency. This will be a challenge within a challenge. Menus will be challenging. I don’t know how long this will be for but I am glad my daughter and grandson are safe and okay. This could be a minute or awhile. We shall see.
    03/14 - 207.2 Traveling today for renovation supplies. Lunch will be out.
    03/15 - 207.2 Not doing well on the diet with the houseful of people daily. Between family moving in and the renovation crew, my life is upside down! Doing my best here but I just don’t have the space, the energy or the privacy I need to cook multiple dinners, lunches, etc. I already cook 2 different ones per meal due to my son’s autism and eating disorders. I’m not going to throw my hands up. I will find the answers.
    03/16 - 207.0 In the right direction. This lands me right back at starting weight. It is time to make some real progress. Tomorrow is travel and restaurant lunch so I will try not to take two steps backward!
    03/17 - DNW. I forgot to grab a scale read before the hectic morning rush and trip. Travel went well. Appointment was good. Pizza luncheon was truly the best I’ve ever tasted. Scale may go up tomorrow but I did keep my portions to a minimum.
    03/18 - 207.4 I’m happy that it isn’t higher after travel. I can deal with this. Tonight is our (late) St. Patty’s Day dinner. High in sodium so I’m pushing water today already.
    03/19 – 207.4 No change is a plus after the late St. Patty’s Day meal. I’ll take it!
    03/20 - 207.0 Leftover corned beef last night. Pushed water in the hopes that it wouldn’t do too much damage. It worked!
    03/21 – 208.4 I’m playing the no TMI/Potty game. Calories were under although it could have been more nutritious calories.
    03/22 – 207.4 I’m pleasantly surprised after the birthday party yesterday for my DGS. I hope this sticks!
    03/23 - 209.0 My daughter brought Dairy Queen home from out of town. 2 chili dogs that tasted like a salt shaker and a medium Blizzard. Bloated me up this morning and I hope it is just temporary. I got in almost 12,000 steps yesterday. Over 5 miles on my fitbit and 16 sets of steps just doing housework and chasing DGS. But it was not enough to mitigate the damage.
    03/24 - 208.8 Eating emotions during family turmoil. Also, too much junk being brought in by daughter. I need to get a backbone! Lots of movement and steps saved me yesterday. I am not proud of what I ate.
    03/25 - 208.2 Daughter was away for the day and night yesterday. My weight went down. Not so much junk! First Covid shot today so I am traveling out-of-town about an hour and a half each way. Hopefully all will go well.
    03/26 – 208.8 After travel weight which is always up. First Covid shot was painless and easy. No major side effects afterward either.
    03/27 – 207.6 Much Better!
    03/28 – 207.6 It’s like pulling teeth. Such a struggle! But it’s okay, I’m worth it.
    03/29 – 207.0 Yay!
    03/30 –
    03/31 -
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    MFP starting weight: 183
    GOAL WEIGHT: 160

    🍀🍀🍀March starting weight: 172.4🍀🍀🍀
    March goal: 167 😳

    Irish Blessing: May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door!

    Week 1:
    3/1 172 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻WOOT WOOT! I really didn't eat yesterday, just wasn't hungry.
    3/2 171.8 🐢🐢🐢slow and steady,
    3/3 172 not sure what happened. Possible due to not having a 💩! Sorry TMI but true!
    3/4 171.4 HAPPY HAPPY! 🥳
    3/5 171.4
    3/6 171.2 🥰🥰🥰
    3/7 172.4 😒 Late night snack is not good!

    Week 2:
    3/8 DNW Totally forgot
    3/9 175 😳 got my Covid-19 vaccine today, we’ll see how it goes !
    3/10 173.6 😊 woke up with a headache, tired & freezing, went to work! 4 of us employees got the vaccine yesterday & I’m the only one that showed up for work.
    3/11 172.2. Well this is a pleasant surprise. I ended up leaving work early yesterday due to massive headache. Pretty sure it was side affect from the vaccine. Then got home was freezing, very tired, horrible body aches & nauseated. I ended up getting fevers through out the night. Staying home today & praying that theses symptoms are done by tonight! Tylenol is my friend again today.
    3/12 172
    3/13 172
    3/14 172

    Week 3:
    3/15 172.6 I've been slacking! I need to get my rear end back on track.
    3/16 172 back on track today. Next 2 weeks I'm going to push hard!🚶🏻‍♀️👟 I also downloaded some audio books for walking 🚶🏻‍♀️
    🍀🍀 3/17 171.8 HAPPY St. Patrick's Day! I've got my green scrubs on, I put the Corned Beef in the crock-pot. I got a 25 minute walk in. I'm debating about making traditional Irish Bread when I get home to go with dinner, but I think it might be too many calories and carbs. We'll see. 🍀🍀🍀🍀
    3/18 170.8 HAPPY HAPPY 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
    3/19 169.4 🎉🎉🎉WOOT WOOT I know I can do this! SOOOOO HAPPY to finally be back under 170.
    3/20 171 🤔 pizza for dinner last night!
    3/21 171 🤨

    Week 4:
    3/22 171🤨 need to get on top of this!
    3/23 170.8 Slowly moving.
    3/24 171 🤨
    3/25 170.6 🥳
    3/26 170 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Next few days will have to be strong & stay on track! I know I can do this.
    3/27. DNW
    3/28 169.8😍 happy happy

    Final week:
    3/29 170.6 🤨 I'm yoyoing!

    Total loss for March:
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    2021 Goals: Reach 120 lbs then maintain between 115 to 120 lbs and attempt to gain muscle along the way

    MFP Starting Weight: 147.4 lbs - Nov 2017
    Aug starting weight: 110 ... previous GW that was too low.
    Sept starting weight: 113.8
    Oct starting weight: 113.8
    Nov starting weight: 115.8
    Dec starting weight: 122.6
    January starting weight: 123.6
    February starting weight: 124.4
    March starting weight: 128.8 lbs... thanks snow storm.
    March goal: 125.8 lbs

    Height: 5'
    Age: 32

    I see my upward trend... I just gotta do something about it... sigh.

    Week 1:
    3/1 - 128.8
    3/2 - 128.6 ... I worked out for the first time in a while yesterday.
    3/3 - 127.6
    3/4 - 129
    3/5 - 127.6
    3/6 - 129
    3/7 - 128

    Week 2:
    3/8 - 128.4
    3/9 - 128.8
    3/10 - 128
    3/11 - 128.2
    3/12 - 127 ... :o
    3/13 - 127.8
    3/14 - 128.6

    Week 3:
    3/15 - 129.2 ... weekend food, it's always so easy to gain but I'm continuing on with a workout (#7 this month).
    3/16 - 128
    3/17 - 128.4 ... not a bad gain after cake and chips yesterday evening... but I also completed workout #8 today
    3/18 - 127.4
    3/19 - 127.2 ... workout #9
    3/20 - 127.4
    3/21 - DNW

    Week 4:
    3/22 - DNW
    3/23 - 127
    3/24 - 126.4 ... I've got some family stuff going on that is causing me to eat less; not the best way to lose weight but I still plan to workout. #10 is planned for this week.
    3/25 - 128.6 ... queso and over-snacking always cause a gain.
    3/26 - 126.8 ... Workout #10 completed today!
    3/27 - 127.4
    3/28 - 128.6

    Final Week:
    3/29 - 128.8 ... I'm going to at least try ending the month around 127.
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    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Happy belated birthday!!! Wishing you many many more!