I want to see some bike pictures!



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    I have not used butterfly handlebars. I had a bike with a mustache bar a while ago. Anything you can use that gives you an extra hand position is great on long rides. I usually go for Ergon grips on my flat bar commuters. I am also very guilty of sacrificing comfort for aesthetic. Some years ago, we made a stem for our European pros. They were all under 5’8” and they all wanted 140 mm stems. We said, tell them to ride the proper frame size. They said, the guys won’t do it. They like the way a smaller bike looks with a long stem. It’s a macho thing....
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    Ahhh I'll have to add a photo of my bike in here when the final part I need comes and I get it put together! I'm definitely just a leisurely commuter/grocery-getter kind of biker with a cheap hybrid I bought a few years ago from bikesdirect, but I am super stoked about the changes I made to make it more comfy.

    Do any of you use butterfly handles on your bikes? That's what I got to change out the regular straight ones that came with mine. I'm really excited to try them out and hopefully be able to go for longer distances without my wrists killing me. My longest ride was about 30 miles and something about those straight bars just don't agree with my arms!


    Before I found my dodgy back actually could tolerate drop handlebars I did quite a few long rides on my hybrids.
    This is my Boardman road hybrid to which I fitted mountain bike style handlebar ends to give me an alternate hand position.
    But instead of mounting on the ends of the bars I mounted them inboard of the handlebar grips for slightly better aero (putting my arms in front of my body instead of alongside my body out in the breeze).
    Hope you can make them out despite the fuzzy picture I've dug out.

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    I just tried to go for a lunch ride. I forgot to charge my bike so it's a single speed right now. ☹️ It's too damn hilly and it's stuck in the big ring. There isn't even enough juice for the RD or I'd do a quick cross chained ride.

    But the days are long enough for an after work ride. 🙂
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    My bike came with a set of HED Ardennes. They're good wheels too. I like having spares, one set is tubeless and the other is traditional, I take the metal ones when I plan to be on rough surfaces. You can guess which ones I prefer to be on though. 🙂 🚵


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    Tubeless makes such a big difference. I have been riding a hookless, tubeless system for a while now. With a 28mm tyre, my pressure for smooth roads is 60 psi. It totally changed the way my body feels on the bike. Also much faster than the 90 psi I was riding!
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    Dont have a picture but just got a new cannondale carbon topstone gravel bike. Its still too cold and dark after work ti take it out round here but I've had it up and round the local windfarm trails at the weekend and a few hard nights on the rollers in the kitchen. Love cycling.
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    What a fun thread! This is my Liv, first and only road bike. I also mountain bike and have a folding bike I won off Instagram a couple years ago. Looking forward to more event rides this year and hoping Ragbrai 2021 is a go@
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    @amorfati601070 I came to this thread just to see what you'd post. You definitely didn't disappoint!
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    Ahhh! Why don't I have a picture of my mountain bike!
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    Here is the peloton