Any 1200 calorie petite girls?

Im looking for other petite gals that have a daily calorie goal of 1200! Lets support each other in our really tricky quest of getting a nutrient dense intake on such a small margin.

And before you come at me with pitchforks, heres my stats:

36 yr old mama
Height: 5ft 0 inches, petite frame
Current weight: 131
Goal weight: 110


  • 7rainbow
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    Hyah! MFP says my goal should be 1200 cals too! I'm not sure if by petite you mean height wise or thinness wise (I'm a bit taller although have a lean petite frame) but feel free to add me if you want! 🙂
  • RyotaFujikawa
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    GummiMundi wrote: »
    It can be challenging, indeed!

    For context: I'm 48, female, 52 kgs, 154 cms, and a sedentary desk job.
    It is true that many women are given a 1200 calorie goal because they choose aggressive loss goals, but that is not always the case when we're petite. According to a commonly referenced calculator, my daily calories to maintain are 1298. Let that sink in. ;)

    So, if I want to lose the last couple of pounds, I do need to add exercise (and the corresponding extra calories) and/or drag this forever with a daily deficit of only 98 calories, instead of the minimum of 250 that everyone else gets. That's not to say I'm advocating VLCDs or anything of the sorts, at all. I'm just saying that... the struggle is real! ;)

    That's true; when we're small, we just don't need as much to maintain. :smile: It is much harder to create a large deficit when we're small enough that an extremely low calorie diet for some is average for us. I tried that calculator, and it gave me 1,786 calories to maintain, but there's no way I could eat that much. :sweat_smile:
  • Biggiwig69
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    I am on 1.200 a day. But eat around 1.000 to 1.1000 most days.
    Every day goal: 1000 kcal deficit.
    I lose around 2 lbs a months.
    The weight comes off super slow now being so small.
  • jennypapage
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    i feel you. I'm the smallest of all of you i think. Maintenance calories at 1253 ,and looking forward to being able to eat that again. Happy at the moment that i can still lose 1kg a month, which will put me at my goal weight in 3 months.Most days are quite easy frankly, except when you really want to eat that 250kcal cookie. It takes careful planning for every single thing you eat.
  • anawake13
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    Just something to think about. I am 5" 3 and have 40 lbs to lose. My nutritionist health provider set my goal at 1200 and they only count fat grams which is set at 40. The first time around I lost 22lbs in 12 weeks but now three years later I am dropping 1 lb a week probably less since I am now 74 and my activity level is less due to health problems. Hope you all do well.