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Any 1200 calorie petite girls?



  • sdailly13sdailly13 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Heath first. You can loose 2lbs a week if you want too. Keeping it off is about realising your life has changed and you can't allow yourself to eat as a comfort because something that day has upset or even overwelmed you to the point where you think we'll why shouldn't I just eat a chocolate bar for instance. That chocolate bar won't solve a bad day. Best to be strong and feel better you didn't. The results in the long run will bring so much more good feeling than that second of just thinking why not. It's a battle but one that is worth winning. Stay strong and don't give up. xxx
  • ouryveouryve Member Posts: 572 Member Member Posts: 572 Member
    This puzzles me. I'm 51, 5'4 and, OK, my bmi is 25 but maintenance calories are 1800 at lightly active for me - currently working on losing half a pound a week and it's a rare day that I'm constrained to just 1530kcal.

    I can understand much shorter women struggling a little with mfp's 1200 limit but for women around my height it surely shouldn't be too difficult unless you're already at the lower end of a healthy bmi - at which point, if you're healthy, you should be looking to exercise more than a restrictive diet if you want to make your shape more aesthetically pleasing.
  • ouryveouryve Member Posts: 572 Member Member Posts: 572 Member
    Almond milk, mixed fruit, slimfast, ice is what I'm introducing as a lunch type meal.

    Also IF 8:16, my biggest meal first, most cals.

    My daily routine I can easily live with:

    Glass of water first thing, with 2 gummies multivitamins

    Walk 2.5 miles

    First meal is the biggest, highest cals. Instead of breakfast, lunch, dinner, I go with OMAD big meal

    Use those cals through the day

    If I'm hungry, either high protein light lunch or smoothie

    Last Chance Before Fast light snack meal, sandwich, soup, etc.

    I updated my daily cals to 1450-1500 as that seemed to be a decent deficit average

    Fast 16 begins, walk 2.5 miles

    Drink water all day

    This is generally keeping with my typical day to day but now with attention to portion size and cutting between meal snacks. Instead, it's doing healthy snackin for either of the last two.

    My problem was loading up a plate. If I make anything larger then it'll be light snack or next day's big meal.

    I think that will drop 1-2lbs a week.

    Maybe when the plateau hits I'll do a fast food meal and soft drink...then add more miles for those calories.

    Ice is not food.
  • CholeRoadCholeRoad Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    I am 5"1' and 51. I weighed 170lbs at the start of December 2020. I dieted on around 1600 going down to 1400 calories for 10 weeks and lost 10lbs. I then did a diet break/reverse diet for 5 weeks and brought my calories up to 2100. My weight stayed constant for the first 3 weeks then went up to 161.5lbs. I had intended to bring my calories up a bit higher but I didn't like seeing the increase on the scales, especially since I still have a lot of weight to lose.

    This week is the 2nd week of my new diet and I am 160lbs again and averaging 2000 calories a day. I intend to stay at this amount of calories for another 4 weeks then I will have a 2 week break at 2200-2300 calories.

    I got the inspiration to do this after finding out that other short women have slowly increased their calories and been able to lose weight at a more comfortable calorie intake.
  • Babeskeez_Babeskeez_ Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member
    OliveSalt wrote: »
    Im looking for other petite gals that have a daily calorie goal of 1200! Lets support each other in our really tricky quest of getting a nutrient dense intake on such a small margin.

    And before you come at me with pitchforks, heres my stats:

    36 yr old mama
    Height: 5ft 0 inches, petite frame
    Current weight: 131
    Goal weight: 110

    We are almost the same look. I am same age, 5 1 and 128. My goal is 115 but id love to be 110.
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