My success so far.



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    Absolutely amazing!!!
  • JennyJacobsen
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    You lost a half of you! I bet your feeling fabulous inside and out. I am hoping to be able to get there too. Thanks for the inspiration!!
  • daveredvette
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    take another update photo with a smile, because you have done great
  • Miz_Owl
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    U a cutie pie
  • Nvr2L82BGr8
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    Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story. Many parts of it resonate with many of us I am sure. You give us hope 🙂. Stand up tall and proud because you have done amazingly well, look terrific and I am guessing helped motivate many others. Keep up the journey-you have so many wonderful days and experiences ahead!
  • NecessaryChange
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    Miz_Owl wrote: »
    U a cutie pie

    Ok, that made me smile pretty big.. Not gonna lie 🤣
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    take another update photo with a smile, because you have done great

    Thanks lol, I've never been much of a smiler.. I'm afraid this is about as smiley as I get 😂 e21aqe0tgwkf.jpg

    That's a great smile! My mom will beg me to smile showing my teeth, but it always feels incredibly forced. 😆
  • jenna2cu
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    This is outstanding! Wow! How many calories did you start out with eating to lose?
  • NecessaryChange
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    3000 calories to loose 2 lbs a week* didn't see that mistake.
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    Hi Rich! How are you doing? Hoping that it is going well for you. Keep up the great work. We are all cheering you on!
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    Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing :)