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  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,493 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,493 Member
    Great story you are writing for this life! Well done!!!

    I hope the endocrinologist has some ideas. A friend of mine had similar constant hunger and an endocrinologist was able to help with hers. Turned out to be caused by an easily removable cyst on her thyroid. She said they told her there were several things that could cause it. I don't know all the details but you might be on the right track!

  • Hope228Hope228 Member Posts: 335 Member Member Posts: 335 Member
    Wow, just amazing. You are an inspiration. <3
  • NecessaryChangeNecessaryChange Member, Premium Posts: 79 Member Member, Premium Posts: 79 Member
    NC_Girl wrote: »
    Hi Rich! How are you doing? Hoping that it is going well for you. Keep up the great work. We are all cheering you on!

    Hello, thanks for asking. I hope you're doing well! I was actually on my way to post a little update ☺️ unfortunately I hit done on the top right instead dog post.. so time to retype it lol. I had my endocrinology appointment, her thought is that I may be pre diabetic. I was shocked to hear I had never been tested for anything past the standard blood tests over the years.. I was a 400+lb 14 year old afterall.. amazing nobody thought to test it directly and just said they doubt I'm diabetic. I always had high blood sugar. But oh well. I also had a nutrition appointment today where I received a new template to follow, and the assumption that I am insulin resistant. Which may make sense. My consult for my loose skin was today as well.. everything went so well, I got all the answers I was looking for.. I will be shooting for losing another 20 to 30 lbs while I figure out what time going to do.. the quote for the procedures was $51,000 for 2 procedures.. that is a massive sum for me, so I will be trying to figure out how I will go about this. Thanks again for asking! I hope you have a great night!
  • NC_GirlNC_Girl Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    Glad to hear that you had your tests done. Sorry about diabetics but with their guidance and your determination I bet you will get that under control. Yikes on the cost! Don't give up on it though..... Things have a way of working out. Keep up the great work!
  • cugogirl2017cugogirl2017 Member Posts: 7,055 Member Member Posts: 7,055 Member
    Wow! Incredible story. Thank you for posting. My three words to describe you: Courageous, honest, persevering! Well done and you have helped so many by posting this is so inspirational!
  • NC_GirlNC_Girl Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    Rich I'm listening! Great job and I'm so proud of you. You will help many people.
  • purplebeetsaladpurplebeetsalad Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    You deserve the life you want. One day at a time. You will get there :)
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