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    I read about it. The rules were random and there is no ability to customize for your own lifestyle and preferences, which I consider to be important for any weight management or fitness program.

    Devil's advocate for discussion. Is it really suppose to be a weight management or fitness plan though? The write up on the 75 Hard site says it is not. Sure the elements are pretty random but they can be physically done by most people, The instructions tell one to discuss the program with their doctor before starting.

    In many cases when individuals set goals or challenges for themselves, they don't set "stretch goals", they set goals that they are pretty sure they can accomplish, which in theory results in less growth than a real challenge.

    With that said, I'm not on the program, but I get the theory.
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    At least it’s stirred up debate. Each to their own journey, I guess.
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    Yikes. I dont understand why people have to put in negative thoughts instead of just scrolling by.. It's not like you were asking what people's thoughts on the program were. I read it that you were looking for support about a structured program you were already committing to. I plan on starting this in a couple of weeks. I hope nothing but the best for you!! :)
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    dharbolt wrote: »
    yirara wrote: »
    Sorry :smiley: This challenge is a bit too random, and partially also unhealthy. Drinking a gallon of water is too much and might flush out important electrolytes. 2x sport per day? Most people won't manage without getting injured. And starting again if you had one M&M? That's just a bit silly. In my opinion of course.

    This is not entirely true. I drink a gallon or more of water daily and have for years. if you work and sweat you need to do so... maybe not if you are sedentary all day, but everyone has different needs

    Agree. I'm pretty sure more people do significant damage to themselves drinking 2 liters of Coke a day vs a gallon of water a day.
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