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  • ALG775ALG775 Member Posts: 242 Member Member Posts: 242 Member
    Thanks for your thoughts @swim777 and @fitstrongfitlove . I love the reminder to take care of ourselves first. So important. And I agree that love and compassion is key- and takes time to develop.
  • ElioraFRElioraFR Member Posts: 82 Member Member Posts: 82 Member
    I have to echo the knee pain relief. I also used to suffer a lot of hip pain in the nights. There are still a few days every few months my right knee acts up. My hip joints seem fine now. I sometimes wonder if these improvements are because of a better all around healthy diet or the weight loss, whatever, pain freeness is a bonus on my list of ‘why I want to keep my smaller size’.
    Another thing I have changed is that I weigh every day now, it keeps me honest.
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