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    May 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In
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    deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member
    May 22, 2021 11:16AM
    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA.

    Starting Weight (from April 30, 2021): 206.2
    Goal: 201.2 (Five lb Loss)

    05/01 – 206.6 Not such a good start. Lots of room for improvement. Good luck this round everyone!
    05/02 - 207.4 Severe glucose drop yesterday while on the road which led to a quick feeding frenzy. I hate this roller-coaster but I will not give up. It can be done, no matter how my body fights me. I’m the boss!
    05/03 - 207.4 No change after a good day is disappointing me but onward I march in this battle.
    05/04 - 206.6 A bit better. Traveling today for a bone scan. I will be gone most of the day. A lot of sitting while driving and a meal out at a restaurant may drive the scale back up. I will try to be mindful.
    05/05 - 208.8 Crazy number. Skipped two meals and only ate half my dinner so I could have a piece of cheesecake. It was large but in no way should it have caused a 2.2 pound weight gain overnight! Tomorrow should be better!
    05/06 - 208.6 Working it back down I hope.
    05/07 - 208.6 Some things were right (meals), some things were wrong (snacks) and some things indifferent (activity due to rain). I did work a bit on all 3 though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    05/08 - 208.6 Stubborn Fat! Ugg
    05/09 – 208.8 Struggling.
    05/10 – 208.8 My birthday is today but I am not celebrating until next Sunday. I was really hoping I would have been closer to Onederland by my birthday so this is depressing. However, I’m not done yet!
    05/11 - 208.4 Little beads of fat slowly dripping off? I hope so. Happy to see a bit of a loss. I have to remember that 0.4 loss is almost half a pound. Sometimes I want to hop on and see 3 pounds suddenly gone and unless I’m losing water weight, that never happens. Especially with fat. Grateful for each step in the right direction today.
    05/12 - 208.4 I seem to be able to fix everyone else in so many ways and on so many levels. But why can’t I fix me? At this point, it is almost all a head game and nothing to do with hunger most of the time. I’m working on it. I am glad to see the scale down today. After my doctors appointment, I’ve realized this is not a want. It’s a need. I just kicked one full pound to the curb! Onward I go deeper into the battle!
    05/13 - 207.4 Trying to do a little intermittent fasting. Yesterday was day 2. I was getting very hungry about 2 hours before the end but I used water and black coffee and pushed through. My daughter and DGS aged 3 ½ moved back in yesterday. I am worried about how this will affect my diet.
    05/14 - 207.4 Much better. Daughter and DGS were away at dinnertime. That helped.
    05/15 - 206.6 Spa day today with my two daughters as late celebration for my birthday. I can’t wait!
    05/16 - 206.6 After 3 different days of celebrations this week, I am grateful to remain steady. I just hope none of it “catches up to me” in the coming days.
    05/17 - 206.8 Ice Cream last night gifted from my daughter. Not good for me in anyway. I’ll talk to her tonight about her “gifts”. Maybe she can take a walk with me from time to time instead.
    05/18 - 206.8 I made Mexican food last night which checked the boxes for everyone so only had to cook dinner once. I ate less than my usual (portion control) and no rice. No TMI today so I am good with this small drop on the scale.
    05/19 – 206.6
    05/20 - 209.6 Homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. I suspect sodium and no TMI x 2. I was in shock! Woke me up more than coffee!

    05/21 – 209.6 Leftover soup but I had a smaller bowl. Ridiculous!
    05/22 – 209.6 Getting nowhere fast.
    05/23 -
    05/24 -
    05/25 -
    05/26 –
    05/27 –
    05/28 –
    05/29 –
    05/30 –
    05/31 –
    nikkit321nikkit321 Member
    May 22, 2021 11:42AM
    4/30 weight: 188.0
    May goal: end the month lighter than I started

    Lessons learned in April:
    - processed carbs (including rice and oats, not just gluten items) don't work for me
    - need to consistently drink more water
    - need to find ways to be more active throughout the day
    - be mindful during the weekend!
    - daily weigh-ins and the accountability of this group definitely help me stay on track!

    4/30 F - 188.0
    5/1 S - 189.4 why??? beats me. no gluten or grains yesterday.

    Run plan for the week: run 13m, walk 2m, 3 rounds
    5/2 S - (run) 191.8 ok so I know why, gluten'd myself yesterday. Working today, run, and take the dogs on a walk.
    5/3 M - 188.8 rain today so will walk on the treadmill
    5/4 T - (run) 189.4 running today. The run went really well Sunday so am looking forward to it.
    I also agree that the weather can help or hurt my desire to be outside moving. The dogs don't seem to understand that concept ;-)
    5/5 W - (zumba) 190.4 Yesterday's run went well, discovered that a slight uptick in speed helped...who knew... Zumba today and hoping for a walk as well. Rice last night. I really hate the water fluctuations, so frustrating. Need to fully commit to no processed carbs.
    5/6 T - (run) 190.2 cold and rainy today, that helps nothing at all. But today I'm going to work, and then run.
    5/7 F - 189.2 last night's run didn't go so well, tired and leg cramps. I'm thinking 3 workouts in a row makes the 3rd suffer so I'm going to change my schedule.
    5/8 S - forgot to weigh

    Run plan for the week: run 14m, walk 1m, 3 rounds
    5/9 S - (run) 187.8 not sure how I forgot to weigh yesterday, but I did lol. Lots of rain today, which makes my old leg/foot breaks ache. Still planning on a treadmill run this afternoon but it may not go well. Guess I'll find out though! Happy Mother's Day!!
    5/10 M - 191.0 yep, gluten yesterday. Yesterday's run went well but had bad leg cramps on the last round. Will keep at it.
    5/11 T - (run) 190.4 running today, would love to get the dogs out for a walk at lunch too if weather cooperates. Baked a turkey last night (yes I know, it's not a holiday of any description, but it's cheap meat!) so turkey for dinner again, probably all week
    5/12 W - (zumba) 192.0 gotta drink a ton of water today. My run turned into a walk yesterday, and no dog walk.
    5/13 T - 191.0 walk today
    5/14 F - 191.8 ?????? no walk yesterday, worked too many hours. On I go. I only fail if I quit trying.
    5/15 S - (run) 191.0 will run today, get the dogs out for a long walk, and work.

    Run plan for the week: run 15m, walk 3-5m (depending on how I'm feeling), 3 rounds
    5/16 S - 189.8 ran yesterday and worked, started raining so the dogs didn't get a walk. Today is lunch out with extended family (I have my menu choices already planned), come home and take the dogs out, then work. I need to shift my priorities and put my health before work.
    5/17 M - 189.2 Happy to report I did get the dogs out for a walk yesterday. Today is rainy, my old leg breaks are aching so glad I wasn't planning to run. Goal is a treadmill walk later though.
    5/18 T - (run) 191.0 ugh, salt yesterday. Late checking in but had a great run tonight, a solid 45min run. Yay me! Legs felt good, breathing was good. I think two runs/week is a good plan for right now, with lots of walking the other days.
    5/19 W - 188.6 yay! The scale is finally reflecting all my hard work over the last week or so. Zumba tonight which is always fun. Hoping for a walk as well today. My husband has decided he needs to drop some weight; it always goes much better when we are both determined.
    5/20 T - 188.4 no zumba yesterday but a nice long walk.
    5/21 F - 187.2 what?!? I'll take it!
    5/22 S - (run) 188.0 knew yesterday's number wasn't likely to last, but I was hopeful until I stepped on the scale. Actually, I got on 3 times and each time it said 188.0. Oh well. Perhaps I'll see 187 again soon. Today is a run day and planning on mowing too. I'd like to have sun while I mow though, I'm paler than Casper LOL. And work, it would be good if I found time to work too. Hmm, almost noon, I don't think all this is likely today but am going to do my run now. Happy Saturday to all!!

    5/23 -
    5/24 -
    5/25 -
    5/26 -
    5/27 -
    5/28 -
    5/29 -
    5/30 -
    5/31 -
    ashleycarole86ashleycarole86 Member
    May 22, 2021 12:35PM
    May starting weight: 255.8
    May goal: 249.8

    5/1 - 255.8
    5/2 - 254.2
    5/3 - 253.0
    5/4 - 252.2
    5/5 - 253.2
    5/6 - 252.0
    5/7 - 251.8
    Week 1 loss - 4.0

    05/08 - 251.6
    05/09 - 250.4
    05/10 - 250.0
    05/11 - 250.0
    05/12 - 249.2
    05/13 - 249.6
    05/14 - 249.2
    Week 2 loss - 2.6

    05/15 - 247.2
    05/16 - 247.2
    05/17 - 248.8
    05/18 - 247.6
    05/19 - 247.8
    05/20 - 245.8
    05/21 - 245.2
    Week 3 loss - 4.0

    05/22 - 246

    Total lost in May - 9.8
    LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member
    May 22, 2021 6:17PM
    Highest Weight Ever: 145.4
    MFP Starting Weight: 135.5
    Goal Weight: 112

    December starting weight: 132.9
    January starting weight: 129.8
    February starting weight: 126.3
    March starting weight: 122.8
    April starting weight: 121.7
    May starting weight: 118.9
    May goal: 115.5

    Back to weighing weekly. The daily weighing last month caused too much frustration.

    01May - 118.9lbs
    07May - 119.6lbs
    14May - 119.3lbs
    22May - 123.9lbs - completely expected after being on vacation for the last week and eating only at restaurants ... I expect to be back down to 120ish by the end of this week
    brite_iesbrite_ies Member
    May 22, 2021 7:36PM
    Beginning weight was January 2021 @ 206 lbs
    Last weight 4/[email protected] 167.8 lbs
    May goal weight 160 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight 145 lbs
    Weigh days are normally Monday and Thursdays 😊

    5/1: rest day
    5/2: fasting day, at home worked out after work
    5/3: 166 lbs... today going to go for a 2-3 mile hike with my dog after work
    5/4: workout at home aiming for 45-60 minutes today
    5/5: fasting day, went for 3 mile hike with my dog this morning and planning on at home workout this evening for at least 30 minutes
    5/6: 166 lbs....definitely retaining some water so hopefully I will see a drop next week 🤷‍♀️ celebrating a friends birthday today, going to a state park to do a bunch of hiking so hopefully I will be burning more calories than we will be consuming tonight 🤞
    5/7: over indulged on pizza a bit last night, lots of sodium so going to focus on drinking extra fluids today....hiked a bit over 6 miles yesterday so going to make today a rest day
    5/8: long day at work had to force myself to get motivated to take my dog on a 2 mile walk/hike, in the 80’s today so trying to drink extra water
    5/9: Happy Mother’s Day! Fasting day, going to work out from home aiming for 45-60 minutes this evening 😸
    5/10: 163.8....expect a busy day at work but the weather is beautiful 😍 going to do a 3 mile hike after work with coworkers 😊
    5/11: rest day
    5/12: fast day, going to do at least a 3 mile hike with my dog. Since I’m fasting going to try and get 80-100 oz of fluids (water or tea) today 🤞
    5/13: 161.2 lbs! Much bigger drop than expected....not sure my scale is right??? I guess we will see what my next weigh day shows?? It’s my day off so going to hike this morning, climb a small mountain so should be a great workout 😊 Depending how I feel this evening may do a short workout at home as well and drink lots of water since it may have been a huge help from yesterday!
    5/14: should have been a rest day but did a little workout before bed
    5/15: going to try and get a hike in after work...the weather is looking stormy all next week 😬
    5/16: fast day, going to do some at home workout after work for 45-60 minutes
    5/17: 160.8 lbs....rainy weather but hoping for a break so I can get a hike in after work...if not will do something workout wise at home 😊
    5/18: rest day, but a little under my daily steps so might do something easy around the house
    5/19: fast day...rainy day so will try to get short walks when it’s not icky outside...45-60 minute at home workout this evening
    5/20: 158.6 lbs 🥳🥳🥳 I joined MyFitnessPal back in 2014....I was 158 lbs wanting to lose 10....a lot has happened over the years and instead of losing I kept gradually getting heavier until reaching over 200 lbs in see 158 on the scale was amazing since I haven’t been in the 150’s for 6 now that I am back to where I started 7 years ago l am finally going to finish what I started ❤️
    5/21:very tired after work so only managed a short walk/hike
    5/22: rest day technically, but I did get plenty of steps in at work today 👍

    Lavoisier61Lavoisier61 Member
    May 23, 2021 4:35AM
    5/12 - 248.4 lb
    5/13 - 247.4 lb
    5/14 - 245.6 lb
    5/15 - 244.9 lb
    5/16 - 245.8 lb
    5/17 - 245.1 lb
    5/18 - 244.1 lb
    5/19 – 243.4 lb
    5/20 - 243.4 lb
    5/21 – 242.9 lb
    5/22 – 242.7 lb
    5/23 - 241.8 lb
    5/24 -
    5/25 -
    5/26 –
    5/27 –
    5/28 –
    5/29 –
    5/30 –
    5/31 –
    BittersweetVitaBittersweetVita Member
    May 23, 2021 6:47AM
    43 year-old female, height near 5'4"
    cancerX2, hypothyroid, menopause, PT

    January starting weight: 185.0
    February starting weight: 182.3
    March starting weight: 178.6
    April starting weight: 172.6
    May starting weight: 173.9

    05/01: 173.9 - Off to a good start - H²O only.
    05/02: 170.9 - Salt and sugar flushed away???
    05/03: 172.6 - I knew yesterday could not be right.
    05/04: 173.1 - I need to plan better.
    05/05: 173.4 - Evidence that I need to plan better!
    05/06: 175.6 - I totally deserve this number.
    05/07: 174.4 - Decent day.
    05/08: 173.9 - Stayed on course.
    05/09: 174.0 - Doing well.
    05/10: 171.0 - I'm puzzled by this number.
    05/11: 172.4 - Ate a second helping. Grrrr.
    05/12: 172.8 - I feel so hungry - or is it stress?
    05/13: 174.6 - overeating catching up to me.
    05/14: DNW - stomach bug.
    05/15: DNW - stomach bug.
    05/16: 171.1 - dehydrated still from illness.
    05/17: 172.7 - Body replenishing itself from illness.
    05/18: 172.6 - Holding steady.
    05/19: 171.7 - Interesting after dinner last night.
    05/20: DNW - busy day.
    05/21: 172.4 - over cals and carbs.
    05/22: 171.7 - on target with calories.
    05/23: 170.2 - on target again. Yeah!
    05/24: 171.5 - I nibbled on some Heath toffee chips while watching tv after the kids went to bed. I left the bag beside me and kept nibbling. Lesson learned.