May 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



  • lizziebtothec
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    Beginning start weight - 231 lbs (12/2/19)
    May starting weight - 199.8 lbs (4/30/21)
    May goal - 197 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 160 lbs
    Height: 5'8"

    5/1: 199.0 lbs
    5/2: 200.2 lbs I ate a super late dinner last night.
    5/3: 198.8 lbs
    5/4: 198.2 lbs
    5/5: 198.6 lbs
    5/6: 197.0 lbs this was exciting but I'm not expecting this to stick. lol
    5/7: 196.8 lbs well it stayed off for one day. fingers crossed!
    5/8: 198.2 lbs I ate some fries super late last night so I am surprised the jump is this small.
    5/9: 198.6 lbs Happy Mother's Day!! I had a gluten filled cinnamon roll this morning. It was delicious and hopefully worth how bad I feel later. 😂
    5/10: 198.2 lbs I hope everyone had a great weekend!
    5/11: 198.4 lbs I ate so much junk yesterday. it was within my calorie limit but it was junk and much later than normal. here's hoping i make better choices today.:)
    5/12: 197.8 lbs
    5/13: 197.0 lbs super late weigh in after a fasted run.;)
    5/14: 198.8 lbs I woke up super bloated this morning for some reason. I can't believe I had this almost 2 lb gain overnight. I didn't eat much yesterday and I didn't eat late. IDK what's going on.
    5/15: 200.2 lbs 😖 this reminds me of a convo with my hubby.... Husband: wow I lost 5 lbs overnight. Does that ever happen to you? Me: no it does not. 😂😂😂
    5/16: 199.0 lbs
    5/17: 200.0 lbs
    5/18: 199.8 lbs
    5/19: 201.2 lbs not a clue what is going on here. i was way under calories yesterday, stopped eating early, and ran.
    5/20: 198.8 lbs i got in a good run this morning. here's to a great day!
    5/21: 198.6 lbs
    5/22: DNW
    5/23: 197.6 lbs 🤷🏻 I had a run this morning in the heat and humidity and will be spending the afternoon at the baseball field watching my boy play.
    5/24: 198.6 lbs
    5/25: 198.2 lbs I made a good choice yesterday and ate at home before my son's game instead of grabbing something on the road.
    5/26: 198.2 lbs
    5/27: 197.8 lbs
    5/28: 198.0 lbs
    5/29: 197.8 lbs
    5/30: 199.2 lbs
    5/31: 199.8 lbs I literally have no clue. I have felt really lean and thought I looked good for the past two days but the scale keeps going up.

    May loss: 0.00 lbs
  • syreina
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    @lizziebtothec Could it be gaining muscle? I find that I look a little leaner compared to when I was the same weight in 2019.