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Strengthen and Rebalance Right Shoulder

worldinplaceworldinplace Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member
A Little Background Information

I decided to sign up for a gym membership at Planet Fitness. I performed two exercises: push ups and pull up. While performing the exercises, I experienced discomfort on my right shoulder. I feel as though my right shoulder is limiting my exercises. My left shoulder is higher than my right shoulder. I have issues with coordination with my right shoulder.

Look at the attached photo

Is there any exercises that will balance and strengthen my right shoulder? Or Would surgery be a better option?


  • VegasFitVegasFit Member Posts: 1,243 Member Member Posts: 1,243 Member
    I don't see an attached photo but jumping straight to surgery seems extreme. How about consulting a doctor or PT?
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 19,759 Member Member, Premium Posts: 19,759 Member
    Seconding the "consult a professional" idea (and the average trainer at Planet Fitness is not expert enough for this). I went through a phase where I first felt weaker on one side (shoulder), then literally would drop the weight in certain dumbbell exercises. It turned out to be a shoulder nerve impingement, for which I needed physical therapy. (And that PT advised me *not* to do certain specific upper body exercises in the future, as well, though there are a wide range I *can* do). If you just felt weaker on one side, it might truly be a strength imbalance, especially if the weaker side were your non-dominant side. However, with the difference in shoulder height in the picture . . . I wouldn't take the risk of trying to power through it, personally, without having an expert assessment.
  • Speakeasy76Speakeasy76 Member Posts: 519 Member Member Posts: 519 Member
    Third vote for seeing a physical therapist. I am unbalanced, too, with my left shoulder being the one that causes problems. I finished PT about a month ago and just last week had a cortisone shot there, and it is SO MUCH better and while it's still weaker than my right shoulder, doesn't really bother me anymore.
  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 8,618 Member Member Posts: 8,618 Member
    I have a shoulder issue too. Get an opinion from your doctor first. PT is a better route than surgery. Surgery should be the last resort.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 2,484 Member Member Posts: 2,484 Member
    I think everyone has slight imbalances, even if they are not aware of them. My shoulders aren't always even when I do rowing. I would bet it has a lot to do with the fact I broke my collarbone playing football in my youth and never got it fixed properly. It healed wrong -- docs discovered it years later.

    I think the PT advice is spot on. I'd never do surgery unless I absolutely had no choice.
  • Alinouveau2Alinouveau2 Member Posts: 466 Member Member Posts: 466 Member
    Get a professional opinion. I had a shoulder issue that eventually required surgery and my physio guy probably still a year and a half later would tell me to avoid push ups.

    There's lots of exercises to strengthen the shoulders, I'm right now working in my scapular winging medical help though, it's better than doing it yourself
  • tsazanitsazani Member Posts: 696 Member Member Posts: 696 Member
    The two most common injuries to shoulders from weightlifing are torn rotator cuff and "weight lifter's shoulder".

    95% probability you have one or the other. See a physical therapist if you don't want to "F" youself up.

    I injured my R shoulder on Fri. I increased the weights 10lb for back and chest and 5 lb for shoulders and arms. I think it was the bench press that did it.

    I have an appt with a PT on Tue at 3PM.
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