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Who needs a friend???? Do we match?



  • marie5282marie5282 Member Posts: 61 Member Member Posts: 61 Member
    39. Want to be mama. Teacher, so "mama" to about 95 middle schoolers a year? Fur mama to 2 pups.

    H: 5'10"
    HW: 247
    CW: 245
    1GW: 235
    2GW: 210
    UGW: 195
  • Justin741Justin741 Member Posts: 244 Member Member Posts: 244 Member
    I'm 38, married, 4 kids, a dog and a cat. A house FULL! I lost weight back 10 years ago but gained it all back. I have around 100lbs to lose. Let's do this. Feel free to add me.
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