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Do you eat fast?



  • richardgavelrichardgavel Member Posts: 976 Member Member Posts: 976 Member
    I am a seriously fast eater as well. Which is a shame because I feel like I don't get anything out of it besides the sustenance of the food, I don't enjoy it. But it's a hard habit to break.
  • spiriteagle99spiriteagle99 Member Posts: 3,153 Member Member Posts: 3,153 Member
    I am a fast eater. (Youngest of 4 kids, so I ate fast to keep up.) My husband has always been a very slow eater, especially now that Parkinson's has slowed his movements down a lot and made chewing food well a necessity to prevent choking. Dinner lasts at least an hour and a half, sometimes longer. We stopped eating at the table because I got impatient waiting for him to finish, and that's not fair. It's easier if we're watching TV and I'm not watching him chew and chew and chew. Years ago, when we were backpacking and eating out of a single pot, I very consciously made myself slow down and wait my turn to get the next bite, but that slow down didn't last.
  • nossmfnossmf Member Posts: 1,465 Member Member Posts: 1,465 Member
    pismodiver wrote: »
    This topic reminds me of an old dinner blessing I learned from a friend of the family (who was a Roman Catholic priest, btw :)) : In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, he who eats the fastest gets the most!

    My old Methodist youth pastor's favorite blessing before us teens tore into our meal:

    "Good food, good meat, good God, let's eat!"
  • SuzySunshine99SuzySunshine99 Member Posts: 2,383 Member Member Posts: 2,383 Member
    I didn't grow up as a fast eater, but became one because of my profession.

    I work in live events, and production days are long and unpredictable. There are no set meal breaks, so you just eat when you have the opportunity. You learn to eat quickly because you could be pulled away at any moment.

    I unfortunately have brought that habit home with me, as has my husband (who is in the same industry).

    I really have to consciously work to eat slower. When I get together with my sister, I work extra-hard at it. She's a slow eater, and I try to reduce the time that I'm awkwardly sitting, done with my meal, while she's still eating.
  • MsCzarMsCzar Member Posts: 501 Member Member Posts: 501 Member
    When learning childhood table manners, eating too quickly was right up there with slurping soup or chewing with one's mouth open. However, in adulthood (when there are no witnesses 😄 ) I'll wolf down popcorn and buffalo chicken salad before they can go cold.
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  • Beverly2HansenBeverly2Hansen Member Posts: 353 Member Member Posts: 353 Member
    50/50 here. I eat my food fast but not if I chug water first or take water breaks during. Luckily my spouse eats like a territorial dog so I look slow and dainty. I also eat my food by item not attacking the whole plate. I eat veggies first, protein second, carbs third and dessert last.
  • swimmchick87swimmchick87 Member Posts: 440 Member Member Posts: 440 Member
    I've always been a slow eater. In fact, I sometimes have to zap my food in the microwave for about 30 seconds halfway through a meal because it's gotten cold while I take forever to eat it!
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,277 Member Member Posts: 24,277 Member
    My brother is a very fast eater and my mother is a slow eater, plus she is generally doing stuff in the kitchen before she sits down to eat. My brother is often finished before she barely starts.
  • deputy_randolphdeputy_randolph Member Posts: 932 Member Member Posts: 932 Member
    Used to be a faster eater...for a couple of reasons. I would either wait too long before eating (b/c I was super engrossed in whatever I was doing) and be super hungry by the time I started eating...and end up overeating (ADHD issues). My dad also modeled fast eating. He worked in construction and would come home a scarf down everything insight. You had to be faster than him to get 2nds.

    I've slowed down significantly, take intentional breaks, and drink more water between breaks. I know I eat a more appropriate amounts of food if I slow down.
  • LeanButNotMean44LeanButNotMean44 Member Posts: 852 Member Member Posts: 852 Member
    Came from a family of four. I don’t know if we were fast eaters because I had nobody to compare to. After meeting my ex’s family was when I figured out I’m a REALLY fast eater. My husband and I are both fast eaters, I want to say that 10 minutes for dinner (incl. serving/clean up) is about average.
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Member Posts: 6,746 Member Member Posts: 6,746 Member
    I eat slowly so it lasts longer lol. Also an only child.
  • SwtHedgehogSwtHedgehog Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    I'm a really fast eater as well. My boyfriend can always tell when I'm getting full because I start slowing down, so the speed apparently decreases as I go along. Whe. eating with friends, I'll finish my food, and will knowingly be full, but I than start to take more bites; out of boredom and/or, it still looks good. I do also get i tk the tendency of "just one more....". At least that same mind frame goes for exercising as well.

    For a while, I did use an app to help me slow my bites. It's a timer, so after taking a bite, you have to wait x amount of seconds. You get to set the number of seconds. It helped,but then slowly I stopped using it and fell into old habits. I should start that up again; I found that small amounts of ice cream could be way more enjoyable than scarring down a huge bowl of it.
  • PAPYRUS3PAPYRUS3 Member Posts: 10,015 Member Member Posts: 10,015 Member
    I was always a slow eater...usually the last person to finish.

    That all changed when I became a teacher. A teacher is lucky to cram 'something' into their mouths during the day! If you are actually gifted with a few minutes for a break, you just 'get it all in there' lol!😆
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 5,499 Member Member Posts: 5,499 Member
    I think that’s just one more reason I don’t like fries. By the time I get to the 3rd fry, they’re cold and limp.
  • KNocerosKNoceros Member Posts: 266 Member Member Posts: 266 Member
    I’m not really sure whether I’m slow or fast.
    BUT my husband eats considerably faster than I do. And then, as soon as he’s done, he gets up and starts clearing the table.

    I have often wondered if that is meant to be a signal, like the Queen putting her fork down, that the meal is “over”.... he says not, he doesn’t like sitting and watching me eat, and the table needs clearing. But it makes me uncomfortable nonetheless.
  • nossmfnossmf Member Posts: 1,465 Member Member Posts: 1,465 Member
    MsCzar wrote: »
    I'll wolf down popcorn and buffalo chicken salad before they can go cold.

    I will admit to eating popcorn quickly. It's rare for a bag of popcorn at a movie theater to actually make it past the previews and into the main show!

    I'm much better at pacing myself drinking, but that's more a product of not wanting to have to make a bathroom run during the movie, especially at the exciting parts.
  • ggeise14ggeise14 Member Posts: 361 Member Member Posts: 361 Member
    Slow eater here. My husband is super fast so supper time is relaxing and chatting.
    Popcorn (when we used to go to movies) - my daughter and I had the habit of waiting until the movie started to eat the popcorn. If we went as a family, my husband and sons would get the XL popcorn, polish it off in time for a free refill when the movie started which is when my daughter and I were ready for popcorn.
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