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Summer Weight Loss Challenge 2021(June, July, August and September) A Continuation



  • chublet25
    chublet25 Posts: 848 Member
    Chalmation wrote: »
    Starting Weight MFP: 171 (1/11/14)
    Challenge Starting Weight: 146.2
    Challenge Goal Weight: 125
    Challenge Ending Weight:
    Weight Lost This Week: -1.8
    Challenge Weight Lost: -7.2

    June 1: 146.2 Mostly bloat from Memorial Day
    June 8: 142.8
    June 15: 144.8 Had a rough weekend. They say eventually old habits die off. Not true for me; they are always lurking just below the surface.
    June 22: 141.4
    June 30: 142.6

    June Goal: 139
    June Actual: 142.6

    July 6: 140.8
    July 13: 139

    Wow, in the 130s! Congratulations! That's awesome!