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Maintainers Building Healthy Habits for June or the Summer

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I have been maintaining for almost 4 years now. I have found this group to be incredibly inspiring and a valuable way to keep myself on track.

please check out the group!

You can do monthly or even qtrly. Quite a lot of inspiring folks in the group.

Here is the June link.

For June I have noticed the trend that a lot of folks are getting busier and doing more traveling and visiting with family and friends. Also more eating out. It seems like with the Pandemic in 2020 we saw a lot of folks who's routines and habits were thrown into the dust. Of course we all developed new habits to cope. Now the opposite is true.

What new habits will you need to form to cope with the end of the Pandemic? What small changes do you want to make in June?

That’s the beautiful part of habits. A true habit or routine is something we keep doing everyday regardless of changing circumstances. They are the anchors in our lives.

Use habit stacking to attach your habit wannabe to a habit you already do.

AFTER I ________________________
I WILL __________________________

After I brush my teeth, I will floss one tooth.
After I drink my afternoon coffee, I will put on my walking shoes.
After I put away my breakfast dishes, I will prep 3 servings of vegetables for the day.
After I clean up after dinner, I will plan tomorrow’s dinner & move necessary items from freezer to refrigerator.
After I weigh myself in the morning, I will drink 2 cups of refreshing, cool water.
After I start my coffee brewing, I will stand on each leg for 30 seconds.


Are you new to our group? If so, welcome! Please post what you will be working on and how we can help! Set a reminder to check-in periodically with us. Check-in daily, weekly, or as often as works for you, but let us know how you are progressing! We're here to support and encourage you, but if you don't post, we can't cheer you on. Habits are built by doing, not by reading about what other people are doing. Post your progress, questions, and frustrations and let us help you succeed.
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