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Moving from Sparkpeople



  • stbowtla
    stbowtla Posts: 10 Member
    Another spark person here.

    Has anyone checked out the new spark america after spark people closed down?
    Does anyone know if more will be added for the individual user? It seems for now anyway the individual user can only track and read articles. No community so far that I can see. It also looks like eventually the individual WILL have to join a team whether it be a city or workplace. I'm not clear on that. ???

    Would appreciate any input anyone has on this.

    I would be willing to give spark america another try if there was more options for the individual.

  • Imnotstoppin
    Imnotstoppin Posts: 960 Member
    Hello, and good day to everyone. I came over from SparkPeople too. So many things I've learned and enjoyed there. On a learning curve here, so far so good!
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
    4legsRbetterthan2 Posts: 19,590 MFP Moderator
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say welcome to MFP! We are certainly seeing alot of you come over, and you seem like an enthusiastic and fun bunch!

    Here are a couple useful links as you try to integrate into our forums, these are taken from the News and Annoucement board that has lots of useful infor in it (

    FAQs with some useful "how to"s

    our community guidelines:

    a bit about moderation and what oto do if you see something on the forums that shouldn't be here:

    Hope you enjoy your time with MFP!
  • euchre35
    euchre35 Posts: 7 Member
    I have moved from Spark as well... so happy to see others here. Going to add you as friends - accept or decline at your leisure!
  • Mississmissi
    Mississmissi Posts: 13 Member
    I was on Sparkpeople for 15 years on and off and it was great! I was very sad to hear it was going away, but it has turned out well for me. I discovered I needed a change. I joined MyFitnessPal several years ago just to try it out, but when I found out about SP, I moved over here and have lost 6 pounds! The change has been good for me! Hope you all like it here and have much success!
  • projectchrissie20
    projectchrissie20 Posts: 5 Member
    I too was using sparkpeople for years, I like the articles and exercise videos, I do use myfitness pal to track my food and exercise.
  • appealstome
    appealstome Posts: 3 Member
    Another former Spark member here. I actually started logging on MFP over a year ago since found it easier than Spark, but haven't used other features until now.
  • kimpy225
    kimpy225 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm also from Sparkpeople trying to get used to this layout! :p