In place of fruit?

I love eating fruit as I could eat it all day, but it's high in sugars. Please give me ideas what you have for snacks that are healthy. Thanks in advance!


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    Is there a reason to cut back on sugar? Some fruits have less sugar. Berries have fiber. I don’t eat much sugar but I do allow myself a small portion of berries.
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    Fruit is healthy.
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    I eat 200-500 grams of whole fruit daily. It doesn't do anything bad. Unless you're instructed by your medical team to limit sugar, then fruit isn't a bad thing.

    My "sugar" on this site includes all sugar from fruit, vegetables, dairy and added sugars. I try to stay under 100g a day for my total amount, but other than that don't try to limit fruit.

    If you are really eating it all day, then I guess that could be a problem but two or three servings wouldn't be.
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    Unless there is a reason to cut back on fruit.
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    Not all fruit is high in sugar - what you are currently eating and why is the sugar in fruit a concern to you would give some much needed context.
    Berries in particular have a lot of (flavour) bang for the (calorie/carb/sugar) buck.

    Personally I tend to prefer savoury snacks but also look at my diet as a whole in regards to being healthy or not, often my snacks are purely for flavour and enjoyment but that's a lot easier to fit in a big diet.

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    Umm, out of all the snack options out there, I'd say fruit is a healthy one! The only thing I would do is add some protein plus a bit of healthy fat. For example, I'd add some nuts or have apples with nut butter, part-skim string cheese, plain greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit and a bit of honey, or even some nitrate-free lunch meat.
  • There is a big difference between grapes, and raspberries. Maybe just change type of fruit consumed. Maybe have less fruit.

    If you DO decide fruit is necessary to cut completely, just eat a little bit larger servings of other foods.

    If you have no medical reason to cut sugar though, and you are going to have sugar in your diet, I would cut all added sugar first, and leave the sugar in fruits & veggies. You DO know that veggies have sugar too, right? You aren't cutting them, because of sugar, are you?

    Good Luck, whatever you decide.
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    I love eating fruit as I could eat it all day, but it's high in sugars. Please give me ideas what you have for snacks that are healthy. Thanks in advance!

    Fruit is healthy and packed with necessary vitamins and minerals and fine so long as it's not crowding out other necessary nutrition. You can also manage the sugar aspect by selecting different bananas are pretty high sugar content, but most berries aren't. Rather than cutting it out, I'd aim for more variation. If it's crowding out other nutritional necessities, you can just cut back a bit. I'm not a big snacker, but when I do it's usually jerky or little individual cheese squares, but that's a pretty minimal part of my diet as I'd much prefer larger meals to snacking.
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    Fruit is healthy.

    I have lately been eating home-grown tomatoes as a snack, as I have so many of them I have to use up, and they are delicious. Technically a fruit but culinarily a veg, and lower sugar by comparison. If you want lower cal, lower sugar snack options, any veg, like carrots, cucumbers, radishes, kohlrabi, etc. Maybe dip in hummus if you don't like it on its own.

    Other ideas: If you want more protein, cottage cheese or some greek yogurt. If you can control the amount you eat, nuts. I'm also a huge smoked salmon fan.
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    If your goal is to minimize your overall sugar intake there's nothing in fruit that you can't get in vegetables.
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    Berries have more fiber than sugar, particularly raspberries and blackberries.
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    Certain fruits are higher in sugars than others, but you also need to remember that fruit is very high in fiber, so you're definitely not going to be able to overeat it without feeling really full.

    If you're concerned about sugar, try going for berries (I buy frozen mixed berries and blend them), granny smith apples, kiwi (I usually have two of these before bed. They help you sleep), cantaloupe, watermelon. If you're craving something sweet, Fruit is going to be your best, most nutritious option. Yeah you could go for something that's artificially sweetened, but you're not going to get the extra benefits.

    Eat fruit. Don't be scared of it. I eat it all the time and still manage to lose weight. Stay away from fruit juices or dried fruits though.