Strength Training for beginners



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    I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but there has to be some type of app or program that I can accurately record my weight training and apply it to fitness pal.

    Fitness Pal is a very popular program, has management given up on the idea of some type of crossover for this. I mean we now have weight scales that interface with FP.

    I don't get it, and I'd really would like something to fill this need.

    If you want to have the calories from strength training come across to MFP, many fitness trackers will do that. It's also pretty easy to log the strength workout duration using the cardiovascular part of the exercise database manually, if you don't have a tracker. If you're doing standard rep/set strength training with brief rests between sets, record the whole workout session time as "Strength training (weight lifting, weight training)". If it's higher-rep stuff with maybe cardio intervals between exercises, use "Circuit training, general". Close enough, for calories.

    If you're simply wanting the exercises/reps/sets to propagate into the strength part of the MFP exercise diary, I don't personally know of anything that will do that.

    In theory, my Garmin will track exercises/reps/sets, but it's clunky and I don't use it for that. I don't know whether any of that would populate into MFP if I did it, and had my Garmin synched. (I don't synch my Garmin because I'm a statistical weirdo, and Garmin's all-day calorie estimate - from a device model that estimates well for others - is far off, for me.)