What was your initial weight loss pace? (Anonymous poll)

Rsrs35 Posts: 40 Member
I chose 2lbs p/w. This has obviously significantly reduced my calories so for the days I work out I’m wondering do I eat those calories or bank them (considering I’m already eating almost 600kcals less per day).

What was your initial weight loss pace? (Anonymous poll) 32 votes

2lbs per week
31% 10 votes
1.5lbs per week
12% 4 votes
1lb per week
43% 14 votes
0.5lbs per week
12% 4 votes


  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i mean.... when I started back in 2014, I was 387 pounds. 2 pounds a week was perfectly achievable and doable.

    8 years later and around 160ish depending on the day, with 30 pounds to go.... I'll get there when i get there. Its set at .... 1 pound a week I think? if im under my maintenance calories (which is not much as im very short and in my mid 40s), I'm good with that. Some weeks I lose a half pound, some weeks more than a pound, and as a woman, hormonal fluctuations and water retention can significantly impact the number on the scale at any given time and I can not lose or show a gain. I'm in no hurry. It's not a race and my doctor is always happy with my progress.

    As far as setting your own deficit level, Ann said everything perfectly.
  • westrich20940
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    Initially when I had no idea what I was doing I chose 2lbs/week....which now I believe is one of the biggest mistakes that everyone makes when starting to use MFP. It will give you 1200 cals/day if you are a woman. And for *MOST* women...that is simply not enough calories.

    So..once I realize that that made me feel horrible (lol) I changed it to not using MFP at all to calculate my calorie goal so then I didn't even choose a weight loss option. I used a TDEE calculator and then subtracted a minimal/moderate amount from that that would still keep me above my BMR. So in reality I probably cut my calories by ~200/day most of the time or at most 300/day.

    I used 'sedentary' as my activity level when calculating my TDEE (which isn't really the way it's supposed to work, but I was also using MFP to log my workouts/calories burned so for me personally, this made the math in my head easier). So -- I ate back at least 50% (often 100% of my calories) from my workouts, because often, I was quite a bit more hungry on those days (obviously).

    I lost ~25ish pounds from Jan. - Aug. Then due to some estimate errors, I continued to lose more weight unintentionally and got down another 8 or so lbs before gaining that back because I didn't like how skinny I looked. I will also point out I am not 'cut' or anything like that. I definitely still have jiggly bits all over as a very small/petite person.
  • Lietchi
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    Rsrs35 wrote: »
    I chose 2lbs p/w. This has obviously significantly reduced my calories so for the days I work out I’m wondering do I eat those calories or bank them (considering I’m already eating almost 600kcals less per day).

    600 calories less than what ? Maintenance? If so, then 2lbs per week is too aggressive for you and you reached MFP's minimum calories (1200 for women, 1500 for men) to ensure adequate nutrition. A rate of 2lbs per week is a deficit of 1000 calories per day.

    If you don't eat back your exercise calories, you are increasing your deficit (because your MFP activity level is not meant to include exercise). Whether that is a good idea, will depend on your circumstances. (@AnnPT77 explains it more eloquently than me)

    My own journey: I started out at a BMI of 34 and I chose a rate of 0.5lbs per week. In reality I lost a bit quicker: my fitness tracker slightly underestimates how many calories I burn and I also didn't fully eat my calorie allotment (including exercise) in the beginning (honeymoon phase 😉) so it was more like 1lb a week at the start and gradually decreased after that - the lighter and more active I became, the smaller the calorie deficit I could manage.

    At that rate, I found weight loss painless honestly, no major cravings or any feeling of depriving myself.
  • cwolfman13
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    I had 40 Lbs to lose and chose 1 Lb per week. Some weeks I lost more, some weeks I lost less. I always ate back an estimate of my exercise calories. I used the database for weight lifting and 80% of what my HRM said for cardiovascular exercise.
  • Rsrs35
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    Guys, thanks so much for all this info. All of you have given me so much food for thought, I really knew in the pit of my stomach that 2lb was too much per week, and yes - I naturally too get more hungry after a workout as couldn’t imagine eating 1200kcals only on days I’m burning 300-500kcals.

    I’ve decided to keep it at 1200 and eat my workout calories - just for 3 weeks to see how that pans out.

    I’m also Intermittent fasting / not OTT! I can’t do super long, but I do believe it helps with my sleep and energy levels.

    Thank you ALL so much for the input. So grateful to have this community. :)))))))
  • Beverly2Hansen
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    I did 2lbs per week and exercised a ton. I ate back my exercise and for 1 year hated my life. It turned out MFP over estimated my exercise calories and I needed to double check food labels with calorie count listed here for accuracy. So what I decided to do was manually add a calorie goal 1500ish I'm 5'5" F 150lbs ballpark if I exercise 1-2 hours per day even power walking I'll lose 2lbs per week this way. My issue is I get to 140 lose my drive and eat until I'm 160is and restart the process. The point is there's a lot of ways to use MFP to successfully lose a weekly amount. I'm more likely to lose a higher amount if I drink more water too. Also I'll keep losing roughly the same amount per week until I hit my 130lbs goal if I can stay motivated I just struggle with keeping it up.🙂 hope that helps
  • JessiBelleW
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    I have close to 60lbs to lose and so even with mfp set to lose a lb a week whenever I go back to it initially I lose more. Just fyi to lose a lb or so a week I can still eat close to 2000kcals. But that’s great I don’t WANT to be stuck eating 1200 forever! And I want to keep as much muscle mass as possible as I lose 😊
  • CassondraKennedy
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »

    False starts and backtracks, let alone significant regain - if any of those happen - burn up calendar time without actually leading to goal weight. Slow loss can actually be faster than that type of cycle.


    I started at 183, 5’3”. I lost extremely fast at first, using MFP’s “2lb/week” amount of 1200 calories (actual loss was about 3lb/week at first). But I was miserable. I dreaded it and I couldn’t wait to be “done.” I lost 55lb in 2017. And then gained it back by 2019.

    If I could reach back in time and tell my 2017 self something, it would be exactly what @AnnPT77 said above. Slow loss would have saved me a lot of time in the long run. Patience and sustainability are essential to long term success.