How often do you WEIGH YOURSELF?



  • NailinItWithJen
    NailinItWithJen Posts: 2 Member
    I personally weigh in every day. But I usually only record it weekly, It's hard to not feel discouraged sometimes but I find I stay on better track when I know I'll be on the scale every morning.
  • Kiwi2mfp
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    Daily. This works for me. I don't freak out if I don't lose much for a few days...I just try to understand why. Did I eat too much sodium? Did I work out real hard and retain water from it? I also enjoy watching the micro trends of my weight loss. I have noticed I lose .2-.3 pounds a day. I try not to go over 2 pounds a week though. But under "reports" on myfitnesspal I can watch my chart steadily go down. You can do the same when weighing weekly but I'm just funny like this I guess lol. But, for some people, weighing everyday can cause problems for them. If that is you, then don't weigh but once a week or monthly.
  • Clendenen49
    Clendenen49 Posts: 49 Member
    You must everyday. No excuses. Small fluctuations are normal day to day but then after a while you'll see weekly how much you lose / gain per week average and then adjust calories according to your goals. So simple. Dont let emotions get you. Just keep going. Let's gooooo.
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    I weigh daily, in the morning before showering, and record it weekly. I generally know what the scale is going to say based on what I have been doing (eating, exercising, travel, etc.) but I still find myself acting like a gambler at a roulette wheel whispering the number I want to see under my breath!
  • IAmTheGlue
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    I weigh infrequently. Whenever. Maybe at the doctors office or once a month. I can see my weight loss through body changes so I rely on that. I used to weigh every day and I’m not sure why I stopped.

    My mom used to work with two ladies who had lost a lot of weight on SlimFast together. They had a scale in their office break room and both weighed in front of each other first thing in the morning. They had a 4 pound range and if they weighed outside that range they did slimfast for lunch until they were back in range.

    I can remember them explaining it to me as a kid and now I think it does make sense. They were keeping each other on track and had maintained for years with that method. My mom thought it was terrible and was very negative about their maintenance plan but… whatever works!

  • corinasue1143
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    Every day after I pea, before I do anything else, including wake up my brain. I write it down, but if you asked me at noon how much I weighed this morning, I couldn’t tell you. I check my weight loss average app occasionally to see which direction it’s going.
  • chrismacboy
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    I never do. Sets me up to fail.
  • xrj22
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    Daily. I feel like it is a good idea to remind myself each morning what I am doing and to keep it active in my mind. Generally I find it motivating either way. If the number is higher than I want, then I have motivation to eat less. If the number is low, I feel good about it and want to stay on track. I find myself wanting to avoid the scale when I know it will be bad news, and that is a bad trap to fall into. Better to know the truth and think about next steps than to avoid the info and keep procrastinating or falling off the wagon.
  • JaysFan82
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    Every Wednesday. Weighing daily seems silly.
  • rosiekin
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    Rarely! In fact, I’ve weighed myself twice since 2018, both times in the past 8 months. During my weight loss journey, I weighed monthly, and continued with that for a couple of years after I reached my goal. Then for the next couple of years I weighed yearly. At the end of last year, I suspected I’d lost quite a bit of weight through walking a lot, and I was beginning to get too fixated on how much, so I reluctantly/nervously stepped on the scales. I am currently trying to stabilise my weight, and next steps will be to put on a few pounds. At some point in the next month or so, I may step back on the scales to reassure me my weight is going in the right direction. Then again, I might just rely on the maths, and how my clothes fit. Each to their own… do what suits you best.
  • LukeAMarkham
    LukeAMarkham Posts: 10 Member
    I weigh daily but only to be able to take the average of the week - it’s that average I’m paying attention to. I’ve only recently come to understand the daily fluctuations (see Ann’s super helpful post above for a great explanation!) and it was a game changer for my mindset.
  • AWayToGo0322
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    I've started to see a PT who weighs me monthly along with measurements. I find that's to long in between for me personally so I weight myself at home weekly. I find that if I do it daily a become obsessed with the number on the scale and it can have a negative impact rather than positive for me. I've got around 130lb to lose and I've struggled with dieting for over 10 years. This way seems to be working the best for me - especially adding the measurements in as sometimes you see it in the inches rather than the lbs!