Over and over again

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Hello. I am new on this App.
I gave a birth in 2018, and since than i can’t lose weight. I am starting over and over again, and every time I think “this time is different, I’ll make it” .. But life gets in the way - every time :) Exuses ..
I think the problem is that I am kinda alone in this task ..
before pregnancy, i was fit, and my workout budy was my husband. But now, he has lot on his mind, so i need to this on my own .. and it’s so hard ..
anyway, i think I need someone to challenge me, kinda competition :) to track each other progress .. to make a group where we can see our stats ..
This is maybe silly, but why not 😁


  • DaffyGirl88
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    Have you considered joining one of the challenges? The Monthly Biggest Loser challenge is just starting for April.
  • Alex020210
    Alex020210 Posts: 8 Member
    How can I join ?
  • LoveyChar
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    * I gave birth in 2018, also, and I'm 45.

    I think joining a challenge is a great motivator. So is setting a goal like running a Marathon, biking X amount of miles, swimming X amount of laps. There's the achievement factor, the feeling, that accomplishing that goal will lift you up, I believe. My husband never exercised on his own accord, never. He avoids it like the plague and he eats terribly. So I know that struggle. Setting boundaries helps, too, I think. "No, I'm not eating that," I'll say, even if I really want it and I stick with that.