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Hey everyone! my name is cole and i have a quick question. Ive been steadily gaining weight for the last 3 years up about 90 lbs. Im pretty active i weight lift pretty much everyday and play basketball 3 times a week for 2 hours. i think i eat ok ive tried a nutritionist but that didnt really help. im not really sure what to do now. if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hey @colesilvey0 thanks for being open and sharing this. Sounds like you’re looking for some insight so i thought I’d add my two cents and see if you want to discuss. As you’re posting this on MFP chat boards do you use MFP to track your consumption? Are you sure you’ve gained 90 lbs in 3 years? For someone who lifts and plays basketball for 6 hours a week I’d be curious to know what you generally eat on a day to day basis and how often you’re drinking and how much. I’ve gone through a few swings with my weight and body composition (which i think is the more important set of measurements) so happy to have some dialogue and be a source of support if you’d like
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    Ninety pounds fat gain in 3 years would be eating around 300 calories more per day than one is burning via exercise or daily life, on average. That's about one standard serving of peanut butter on a slice of hearty bread - not a lot of excess food, even if it's not everyday, but maybe just pizza, fried foods, beer or pop on the weekends or something, averaging out to that amount. Trust me, it's possible to exercise a good bit, still eat more than the exercise burns. (I've done it.)

    One thing I'd ask, Cole: I'm wondering if you're a young man? Another thing that happens between roughly mid-teens and mid-20s is turning from a kiddo into a grown-up, and grown-ups (male or female) have very different body configurations. If you're somewhere in that age zone, is it possible you have a combination of a more adult-like frame, plus some added muscle, plus maybe a bit of body fat, all adding up to that 90 pounds?

    Any of that kind of growth - frame, muscle, fat - requires calories in order to happen, but generally only the fat part of it can be a problem. I'm not trying to pick on you when I say this, and if you're older it's maybes not even relevant, but it's kind of common here to see people in their late teens to twenties who haven't really wrapped their head around all the body changes that happen so fast during that phase of life.

    If there's extra fat, eating fewer calories is the path forward. You can do that by calorie counting, or in other ways. You'll want to keep some good nutrition going, even at reduced intake, in order to fuel your exercise.
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    I lost alot of weight last year, an ever since I think I developed a binge eating disorder but it’s not diagnosed. I’m so scared of food and just scared of myself having weight, I just want to loose weight more again :( can someone suggest me some tips to improve my eating habits?