This Is The Beginning Of Something Good

AIP4ever Posts: 58 Member
I need to share this with the world. I am so excited. If I wouldn't be obese I would make flip-flops. This is what came up today after my check-in:

lost 3 lbs since last weighing in! The_fat_optimist's lost 21.6 lbs so far.

I am down from 363 to 341.4 lbs. I am doing it! It finally clicked!


  • LiveOnceBeHappy
    LiveOnceBeHappy Posts: 432 Member
    Congrats! You’re doing great.
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 6,088 Member
    Brings back memories of when I started my weight loss, when I realized it WAS possible to lose weight after all. I no longer want to shout my weight loss from the rooftops (I'm blasé now, lol), but I remember those good times 😁
  • metaphysicalstudio
    metaphysicalstudio Posts: 293 Member
  • QueenBee2018
    QueenBee2018 Posts: 196 Member
    YOU are doing it!!!
  • JBanx256
    JBanx256 Posts: 1,471 Member
    heck yea, that's awesome!!!
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