Less Alcohol ~ MAY 2022 ~ One Day At A Time



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    @dawnbgethealthy ouchie on the “foreign object in eye”. That sounds properly miserable. Glad you’re on the mend though!

    @MissMay I LOVE getting rid of stuff! I grew up in a house stuffed full of tchotchkes so I don’t have a lot of excess things in my own home. However, I know what I have so when I do a clean out I can zero in on the things earmarked to go.

    Ugh had 3 glasses of wine yesterday, and of course my weight is up. I was good with moderation all week and blew it yesterday. Well, time to regroup and start over. Need a clean slate for June!

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    I am Dawn.

    I am drinking less to lose weight. Diet and exercise were not budging the scale for me until November 2018 when I began to drink less. Drinking derails weight loss.

    I hit 19AF days for April.
    Sticking with my goal of 16-20 AF days per month for May
    Diary style.

    Wednesday May 25 - 2 drinks. Happy productive day. I enjoyed my couple of drinks. Planned AF for Thursday, not so sure about Friday and Saturday yet. I do plan to get my 16AF or more.
    Thursday May 26 - AF - I definitely felt like having drinks!
    Friday May 27 - AF - Not sure about Saturday yet, but definitely planning AF for Sunday.
    Saturday May 28 - 2 drinks - Planning on hitting my 16 Sunday. Garlic in this neck of the woods btw goes into the ground with 4 inches of cover in October, Harvest is in August. I save some to put back in the ground in October, but otherwise I am eating the Garlic from last August still.
    Sunday May 29 - AF - Got a bunch done in the garden...wearing safety glasses now. I have so much more to do still, but was waylaid a couple of days when my eye was glued shut, not to mention paranoia about getting anything in it. I felt like having drinks when finished at night, but needed to get at least to my 16. Planned AF for Monday. I have a small bottle of prosecco in the fridge for Tuesday night after my pedicure that I am planning to drink.
    Monday May 30 - AF - Another chunk came out of my eye last night (thank you antibiotic eye drops). It was not glass, just a chunk of...dirt? Tuesday is a planned drinks evening, but that doesn't mean that I have to have it. We'll see. Sometimes for me, just setting a drinks day helps me on the days where I really feel like having drinks (most days) to hold on and abstain until that day.

    Rolling total: 17AF out of 30 days.
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    Crazy eye experience, @Dawnbgethealthy!

    @globalhiker I have not tried Seedlip, but I have tried Monday gin & Ritual tequila, both of which are zero calorie and very creative. Lyres calories are ~20/oz which is less than traditional alcoholic vermouth, amaro, etc. I agree they are expensive. On the fence as to whether these are things I'll keep stocked on the reg.

    May wasn't my best. Erratic eating AND drinking. Evidently I overcompensated a bit because I lost a little weight. Now at the low end of my maintenance range which is not a bad place to be at the start of summer.
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    5/5: 2
    5/7: 5
    5/9: 1.5
    5/14: 3
    5/21: 1
    5/29: 2

    Wrapping up May with 25 AF days! See y’all next month!
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    May accountability: 5 days AF
    Alcohol: 26 days (53 drinks)
    Goal: Limit 1-2 glasses per day; 12-16 AF days per month. Aim to drink no more than 2 nights in a row.

    5/1 - AF
    5/2 - 2 wine
    5/3 - 1 wine
    5/4 - AF
    5/5 - 2 wine
    5/6 - 1.5 wine
    5/7 - 2 wine
    5/8 - 1 wine
    5/9 - 1.5 wine
    5/10 - 2 wine
    5/11 - 2 wine
    5/12 - 2 wine
    5/13 - 2 wine
    5/14 - 2 wine
    5/15 - 4 drinks 2 wine + 2 bourbon & Diet Coke
    5/16 - AF @ 📚
    5/17 - 2 wine then switched to TopoChico
    5/18 - Margarita @ 📚
    5/19 - 2 wine
    5/20 - 2 wine
    5/21 - 3 wine
    5/22 - AF
    5/23 - AF
    5/24 - 3 wine
    5/25 - 1 rum & Diet Coke
    5/26 - 5 wine
    5/27 - 2 wine @ fishing camp 🎣 with my sister cleaning out mom’s house since she has an offer … mom will move into my smaller house next door if the sell goes through. Tons of stuff there as she loved shopping garage sales and it was my grandfathers before. The house has been in the family since 1954 and it grew organically with many additions and remodels over the years.
    @MissMay - you would have loved all the hats! She had well over 100 and we got her to part with 70+ hats!!! She was left with 30+ hats in 7 hat boxes which given my camp house has no closets is about all she will have room for when she moves over!
    5/28 - 2 wine @ fishing camp 🎣
    5/29 - 1 Ruby Red Vodkarita @ Painted Marlin Grille on South Padre Island @ fishing camp 🎣
    5/30 - 3 wine @ fishing camp 🎣
    5/31 - 1 wine

    A crazy month of emotions, highs and lows.
    - My daughter pregnant and due July had some medical concerns so they will be inducing her in June (almost called for May but things got better).
    - DH took the month off without pay and we've decided that he will retire / resign when he goes back to work on June 1.
    - My knee is still acting up so walking and exercise class were a real challenge this month.
    - Our family got Covid
    - My DIL went to visit her family for 2-3 weeks ... I really missed seeing my granddaughter!
    - I was responsible for putting my mom's home on the market, managing the sell etc and the number of calls, texts, etc as well as dealing with my mother's expectations really derailed me on my own personal focus and goals.

    Moving on to June and hoping to keep my emotions and drinking under better control.
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    ❤❤❤ to everyone that made it through May 2022 lots going on with everyone's lives.
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    No alcohol in May - 3 glasses of wine yesterday.