Hello from Seattle :D

I used MFP years back to lose weight and it absolutely worked! But then... life. It happens to the best of us. My weight has fluctuated since about 2015 and I'm ready to do some goal setting again.

I've also been fairly recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I'm doing a lot of anti-inflammatory cooking, so if any of you have resources you'd like to share, I'd love some more suggestions!


  • bwilliams2118
    bwilliams2118 Posts: 5 Member
    Welcome back🙌🏼 I’m just now getting back to MFP again. I didn’t stop exercising but quit using the app. I’ve been in a lull lately and need some support.. With that said, if you’re interested in extra support yourself, send me a friend request. 🤜🏼🤛🏼
    Regardless, best of luck!
  • allenaj
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    Hi there! Have you heard about the Wahls’ Protocol diet? Dr Terry Wahls created it to gain lower inflammation. She has a cookbook too. You might check it out. Her approach is for folks dealing with autoimmune disorders.

    My best,