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  • Batmanswife1
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    What keeps you motivated?[/quote]

    I have to consistently check in with myself. I have a planner that I open up every single day and put motivational quotes in, stickers, goals, healthy ideas, my weight, meals for the week, my workouts, etc. I put in all exercise no matter how big or small, short or long. I look back each week and month to see my accomplishments. It's my own little pat on the back. Instead of a To Do list, I have a Ta-Dah list.

    My profile pic is of me at my goal weight about 7 years ago. Every time I see that pic, I know what I am working towards. I want that again, and will have it. It's impossible to stay focused every single day but limiting social media and peoples perfect lives by replacing that time with MFP posts, comments, ideas, suggestions, real peoples challenges and successes...that keeps me focused on my goals. I've been very selective of friends (only females) on MFP. I only want MFP friends that I can encourage and MFP friends that will encourage me. I'm here on this journey to become my best me and I want to help anyone that wants that for themselves as well.
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    I eat healthier to be healthier.

    I get activity daily so I can stay active.

    ~~~~~I do this for ME~~~~~
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    Motivation comes and goes. What matters is CONSISTENCY with whatever program you're doing and being honest about it.
    I haven't really changed anything about my program in the last 20 years and have stayed within 10lbs-20lbs of my ideal weight. I'll "cut" every now and then, but relatively stayed about 185lbs the majority of my life.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

  • threewins
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    I've learnt that I cannot predict how consistent I will be when it comes to weight loss. I've been losing consistently for the last 12 weeks. So why where things different a year ago and I wasn't losing consistently, not much has changed in my life? Don't know. Two years ago? Don't know. The longest consistent period I had in my life was 8 months. Why was that different? Don't know. If I've lost consistently for 7 months, it's likely that I'll be consistent in the next month but it's not guaranteed.

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