High calorie snack options?

Looking for ideas for high calorie snack options that won’t make me feel super bloated and sluggish. I’m desperately trying to gain weight but I’m having a hard time because I get full really easily and have a pretty low appetite in general. I also can’t eat peanuts or peanut butter, which I know is a common suggestion to gain weight.

Any advice would be welcome.


  • AnnPT77
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    Can you eat other nuts (tree nuts) or seeds? Avocados? How about dairy? If so, maybe cheese. If you're eating any reduced-fat products, maybe go to full-fat ones. Condiments and dressings are pretty calorie dense, not very filling - salad dressings, mayo, a little extra oil/butter on veggies or used in cooking. It's fine to eat less nutrient-dense treat foods, too, as long as they don't spike your appetite, especially if your nutrition for the day is on pretty solid ground already: Cookie, chocolate bar, chips, for example.
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    Well, some of this may not be “healthy” but imo those words don’t mean anything

    Whole milk yogurt, honey, and dark chocolate would work. Guacamole with (gasp) chips. Hummus is a good choice too. You can also just blend some oats with milk, coconut oil, frozen banana/avocado, and whatever else your mind can think of.

    If you can find it, 70/30 ground beef is probably one of the highest calorie meats you can find. Douse your food in high fat sauces. Making a sandwich? Use mayonnaise. Having a salad? Put some kind of oil based dressing on it
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    As fats are 9cal/g vs pro/carb at 4cal/g, you just need to ratio more healthy fats across your snacks. so look for cheeses with crackers, dried fruit with full fat yogurt, granola/trail mix (no peanut variety, plenty of those)
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    Avocado toast, cheese/meat/crackers, nuts/seeds, buttered/sugary popcorn,

    If you’re just looking to boost calories you could add a little extra butter or oil when cooking. Or sugar and fats to sauces. Creamy sauces will be higher calorie than tomato based sauces. Bread products can also hide high calories (especially flavored focaccias and whole wheat seedy breads)