Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 195



  • Krysless2
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    PW: 160
    • Tues 8/09: 160; +0lbs
      ~ ugh.. Why is it so difficult for me to throw out leftovers!? ..Mindless-(bloated)Zombie-Eating-Mode: ACTIVATED..🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️ (my pre-Monday Weigh-in Notes are the same but did learn that hubbys Chilis Bacon burger was actually 1700 calories!! I learned this AFTER I ate the other half )
    Stayed Below SW 158.9:🟢=Yes 🔴=No
    (Fri > > > > > > > > Next Sun)
    • 8/10 Wed
    • 8/11 **Checkpoint**
      Goal 157**
    • 8/12
    • 8/13
    • 8/14 Sun ”Challenge”to the third power
    Prev Days:
    • Mon 8/08: 160; +2lbs
      ~ same notes I left for Tuesday mornings weigh-in above
    • Sun 8/07: 158; -2lbs
      ~ Up then down! Also, I adjusted my mini goals and notes over the next few days: ”I’ve made it my mission to end THIS 10-days with a loss. But I’m just now noticing that we’re finishing this one on a weekend and weekends are already challenging for me. So seems noteworthy that if I succeed this time, then I would be able to say I overcame a challenging challenge in this 10-day challenge.”
    • Sat 8/06: 160; +0lbs
      ~ No change.. just coasting thru the weekend. Trying not to go coocoo for cravings🤪
    • Fri 8/05: 160; +1.1lbs
      ~ I feel like this prescription mouth wash is stirring up my late night cravings; aaand therrrre’s the eyeroll from husband!! .. oh well🤷🏻‍♀️I mean It is very powerful stuff and there’s some sort of triggering going off in my head afterwords...or maybe I am nuts and giving excuses for eating when I should be asleep!
    • Thur 8/04(SW): 158.9