Losing Weight on Scales but look more lumpy and fat around the stomach

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Hi Guys
I've lost about 9kg and have gone down in clothes sizes but in terms of looks I can see no change except my stomach looks bigger and now has more lumps and rolls then originally? Is this normal? How do I get rid of them ?


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    Right answer from lietchi! Our fat cells can give up fat from anywhere within an area of body fat - it doesn't come off the outside first and proceed neatly inward. As a result, the fat mass can be more lumpy, bumpy, squishy, floppy . . . and even hang more, since the remaining fat inside the skin conspires with gravity to hang down more. (Think about how a water balloon looks when full - firm and round - vs. when some of the water is taken out with no air to replace the water - squishier and floppier.)

    It's part of the normal process. What you should do is keep on keeping on: As the fat continues to deplete (via weight loss), the area will eventually get smaller and less squishy. Some of that can continue even after reaching goal weight.

    I get that it can be frustrating, but you have the stick-to-it-iveness to make this happen.

    About the only option in the short run might be to wear an inner layer of some kind of close-fitting compressive clothing. I'm not talking waist trainers (too extreme!), but like a spandex/stretchy layer, maybe even Spanx or one of its competitors for dress-up - nothing extreme.
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    And, hey, Emily. Have someone take some photos of you.

    For many of us, it’s much easier to see and gauge change from photos than from the mirror.
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    liquid collagen helps to firm up the loose skin.
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    Thank you so much everyone really helping with the insecurities
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    @IAmTheGlue what a great analogy!!!!!

    So true!!!!!
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    @IAmTheGlue what a great analogy!!!!!

    So true!!!!!

    Thank you!