Years of yo-yo dieting


I am not new to MFP. I used to use it religiously several years ago. I used it to track macros and calories and it worried for a while. It did help me lose 40+ pounds several years ago. During the lock down, I got into intermittent fasting. It worked but I am feeling burnt out too because I been doing IF for 2 years on and off. I stop losing weight and I can't seem to get at my goal weight.

I am not big but I am looking for some friends who does IF 13/13 as well as counting calories and macros. I workout 5/6 days a week at a gym called Orangetheory Fitness.

I need some accountable buddies to make this easier so I don't feel it is a job or a chore.


  • Nova
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    Hi, welcome back to the community!
  • 7sunnyd7
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    I am just starting to seriously track on MFP. I have tracked my weight for a while but tracking food has always been a challenge. I use IF and it worked great in the past. I gained weight through Covid that I need to get back off plus about 20 pounds. 44 pounds all together I’d like to lose. We could check in on each other to keep things going.
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    “I am not big but I am looking for some friends who does IF 13/13 “. Just curious since I don’t do IF - what is this? I thought it might be the hours on/off fast but that would be equal hours on/off and would add up to 26 hours in a day.
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    Looking for a friend to keep each other accountable. I practice IF and looking to lose 35 lbs.